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It’s a bit early for this post and I do hope you’re not thrown off-balance by it:) But, I have today before I’m to report back to the trenches of my “day” job and just so you know? It’s really not THAT bad, working the day gig, I’m just feeling the pangs of 30 something years in the nursing arena! But, as usual I digress. The reason for this post? I was going through a slight “woe is me” period on Sunday. However, after some church and spiritual food for thought and thankfulness, needless to say… I’ve bounced back. 

Yesterday, it seemed like my efforts to motivate, inform and inspire, just wasn’t taking all of my energies in the right direction! I thought, maybe I should give it a rest (motivational site) and concentrate solely on my creative writing. I’ve been writing and entering short-fiction writing competitions and personal essays for publication for the month of September. I have to tell you, sometimes we can reach that fork in the road and wonder which path to take. After some soul-searching and talking with a higher power, I’m proud to announce that I’m  back and committed to this project more than ever. I’m so sure of my commitment, I’ve decided to take the next step that will hopefully lead to publication of wisewoman2’s “Authentic Woman” in hopes of reaching women of a certain age on a global scale! 

I have to admit that things seemed so dismal on yesterday morning, but by the evening, joy had cometh in the form of 20 visits to my transitional blog  at and  my motivational messages to you all have allowed me to join and accept membership with Sylvia Browder, the founder of National Association Women On The Rise, where I will offer expert contributions to women issues. The greatest thing about living and learning from life experiences , in my opinion? “One day of life is nothing like the next”  Here’s to better days!

Shine On!