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When Love Hurts…

Lauryn Hill
Image by bastomas via Flickr

“When it hurts so bad, why’d it feel sooo good!?!”. Oftentimes I’m in a position where I’m lending an ear to women who find themselves “questioning” their union with their significant other. I listen and encourage mostly, because I’m no relationship expert. It becomes, for me, disappointing in a sense when I hear some of these women state how they’re going to rid themselves of these men & their abusive behaviours, year after year. Abuse comes in many forms; verbal, physical & emotional which can lead to low self-esteem and stress related illnesses. The abuser counts on your remaining fearful and silent as he continues to inflict endless hurt and pain.

 It’s time for women in such situations to step up and step out of those relationships in all areas of living life experiences… Just recently, the Healthy Workplace Bill was passed in the senate for public employees who are confronted with abuse in the workplace. Abuse runs rampant in every social aspect of living life experiences. The power an abuser has over its victims is often kept secretive which allows for the abuse to continue.

Women have got to step up in these situations and recognize that love isn’t supposed to be physical, mental & emotional pain. Abusive words, demeaning attitudes, a slap, arm twist,and blackened body parts isn’t LOVE, ladies, it’s abuse. While he professes to love you, he’s also hitting you?  Lauren Hill’s haunting lyrics “when it hurts so bad, why’d it feel so good?” unfortunately speaks to a lot of women. The pain suffered from an abuser doesn’t have to continue, unless you want it to.

The more women learn to value themselves, the less they’re apt to place value on the men who they profess to love. By taking back her power and find her strengths, a women will ultimately kick that abuser to the curb. Women who leave their hearts opened after enduring such abusive treament from past relationships will soon come to know a for real kind of love from  the man who steps into life her life and love her for the woman she is.

Women of authenticity know that abuse doesn’t have to be tolerated. Refuse to be a victim. Speak up, speak out and reclaim your POWER!


4 thoughts on “When Love Hurts…”

  1. Amen, Clara! It is, indeed, time for women to show men that they don’t have all the power and control. You don’t have to stay with an abuser. You can be strong on your own and people will admire you for your strength and love you for your inner beauty and grace.


    1. Hi Mary & welcome back! I’ve enjoyed reading about yours & Roxane’s adventures @ the retreat:) Thanks for your comments here. Hope women in those kinds of relationships come to recognize their value and get to stepping back to loving themselves!



  2. It unfortunate fact with western nations its history be many hundreds of years of forced christian brainwashing.

    The basis of such teachings // that it being woman whom
    through lust of the flesh whom in having tempted man to SEXUAL LUST. Thus the reason man be evicted from heaven.

    Centuries of teaching such halfbaked /crackpot nonsense
    having done great damage to woman. /Where it taught she
    having no worth. / Only as servant unto man having less
    worth than his sheep goats / where it but his dog shown
    given more affection than his wife / where the birth of
    a son being rejoiced /the birth of a daughter be cursed.

    Of course there t’was no truth to Bible ( old scripture
    as new scripture. Old scripture such lies deceit was an means of having full control over woman /that they were
    unable to have independent thought /they were slaves to religious teaching/ slaves to the male /whom could beat them as please. Centuries of corrupt religious teaching
    but causing grave damage to growth the developing brain.

    With “New scripture” it was then the claimed son of God Jesus whom then made centre of christian teachings /but
    basic teaching remained /it still woman cast as villain
    whom tempted man with lust of the flesh. / Thus he cast from heaven unto earth where he be clothed to cover the shame of the naked flesh / Where children being but the
    product of SIN. / Enforcing an point in early scripture
    that children being so evil that of first two that born
    it t’was taught one killed the other. Thus its not only
    woman whom evil/ but her children ealso / born from SIN.

    Thus old scripture / or new christian based scripture it
    man whom KEEPING COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE FEMALE /through centuries with crackpot christian religious brainwashing.

    When christianity introduced to western nations it being
    then woman held much authority in society /her knowledge
    of childbirth / with medicine / with justice. / The then
    introduction of christianity allowed the male bring into
    force old scripture teaching regarding woman. Which gave woman few if any rights/there then followed centuries of burning at the stake /the vast majority woman & children
    any whom denied authority of the church. An church which
    male based. Within an few centuries in western societies
    the power once held by woman / was but reduced where she
    held no rights / being but an servant to the male/ where
    having no voice to venture an opinion. / If speaking out
    of place /without permission / bringing a severe beating.

    For western nations the power of the church so great the
    ability to read /write/ witheld for centuries. T’was the
    belief of Church Authority if the people given education
    then they would challenge Church Authority if the people
    given education they would challenge christian teachings
    thus t’was for centuries that education reserved for the
    few / a inner circle of crackpot christian ideas beliefs.

    In the British parliament it clear to see the result of such injustice / apart from few women in main two sides.

    One side that having centuries of educational privilege
    while the other side it but a few generations they have
    learnt to read / write. Where be abled such opportunity
    where having such access to the best means of education
    for their children. /Not only for their sons but indeed their daughters /that every child no matter sex / abled
    the best education where all are priviliged not the few.


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