Lauryn Hill

Image by bastomas via Flickr

“When it hurts so bad, why’d it feel sooo good!?!”. Oftentimes I’m in a position where I’m lending an ear to women who find themselves “questioning” their union with their significant other. I listen and encourage mostly, because I’m no relationship expert. It becomes, for me, disappointing in a sense when I hear some of these women state how they’re going to rid themselves of these men & their abusive behaviours, year after year. Abuse comes in many forms; verbal, physical & emotional which can lead to low self-esteem and stress related illnesses. The abuser counts on your remaining fearful and silent as he continues to inflict endless hurt and pain.

 It’s time for women in such situations to step up and step out of those relationships in all areas of living life experiences… Just recently, the Healthy Workplace Bill was passed in the senate for public employees who are confronted with abuse in the workplace. Abuse runs rampant in every social aspect of living life experiences. The power an abuser has over its victims is often kept secretive which allows for the abuse to continue.

Women have got to step up in these situations and recognize that love isn’t supposed to be physical, mental & emotional pain. Abusive words, demeaning attitudes, a slap, arm twist,and blackened body parts isn’t LOVE, ladies, it’s abuse. While he professes to love you, he’s also hitting you?  Lauren Hill’s haunting lyrics “when it hurts so bad, why’d it feel so good?” unfortunately speaks to a lot of women. The pain suffered from an abuser doesn’t have to continue, unless you want it to.

The more women learn to value themselves, the less they’re apt to place value on the men who they profess to love. By taking back her power and find her strengths, a women will ultimately kick that abuser to the curb. Women who leave their hearts opened after enduring such abusive treament from past relationships will soon come to know a for real kind of love from  the man who steps into life her life and love her for the woman she is.

Women of authenticity know that abuse doesn’t have to be tolerated. Refuse to be a victim. Speak up, speak out and reclaim your POWER!