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The Beauty of Conversation…

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I was thinking about the age of technology and how far we’ve come as a country with this “techno” stuff. But, I’m also looking at this wave of communication with the usage of  internet emails, text messages , Facebook, Twitter and so forth as an end to the plain ole art of conversation . Recently, I asked my daughter who has a cousin around her age & who has always been her best bud, how her cousin was doing. My daughter’s reply “Mom, I don’t know, we haven’t talked in a while because “she” always want to text. I’m too busy& rarely have the time to text her back!” 

I’ve always been a letter writer. In the early days of leaving home, I’d write letters to my family members nearly every week. My mom, especially would get letters from me on a regular basis. She would promptly send a reply,even though we spoke by telephone as well.Over the years, the letter writing ceased as life intervened. I’d call more than write now and felt that was being a good & obedient long-distance daughter. But, in one of my mom’s letters, she addressed the fact that I had stopped writing to her! I didn’t realize how connected my mom felt to me via those hand written letters and so I would write those letters my mom so looked forward to receiving. 

Sadly,the idea of letter writing has become a distant memory now… I hardly ever write letters. I’m so programmed with the telephone and email conversations. My brother explains it this way.”She doesn’t call me, she emails me!” When did we get away from the shared intimacy and common comradarie of family, friendship and good ole fashioned conversation? The convenience of telephones, faxes, emails and all of this new age in technology is what we as a nation have become. I’m a country girl by heart and fact. I was raised in a family who gathered around the table for “table talk”. I miss those days and I’m vowing to carry on this tradition with my daughter/son/grandchildren and all other folk somewhere in the vicinity.

I like to think we’ll find our way back to the basics of good ole fashioned one on one, or group of folks having grand conversations that doesn’t just occur during the Holidays…

Women of authenticity, let’s have a conversation!


6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Conversation…”

  1. I still have conversations with my boys nearly every night at the dinner table. I start by asking them who has a funny story. It will take more effort to build relationships and have real conversations. Technology provides a barrier. We need to fight to get past it. (I’d love to have a dinner conversation with you!)


    1. Mary,
      It’s good to hear how you & your boys have those roundtable/dinner conversations. Love that! A conversation at dinner with you I’m sure would be endless! I warn you, once I get started, I just go on 🙂

      Happy Weekend!


  2. Clara, we have conversations too, and I know they’re still happening. But you’re right. There are a lot of new distractions that are taking away from what used to be really healthy, face-to-face exchanges. I host a radio show monthly, and one of our guests this morning drove an hour out of his way to be there in person, even though we could have accomplished it remotely. The person who was remote didn’t have the same advantages of eye contact, and seemed at a disadvantage. We talked after the show about what a difference it made to be in person. So I’m in agreement with you. I also used to be a huge letter writer, and rarely do so now. But today I received a hand-written note in the mail and boy was that fun to receive! 🙂


  3. Hi Roxane! First off, thanks for sharing your adventures on the retreat with us, your readers. I enjoyed living vicariously through you & Mary :)I’m a sucker for reading a great letter & miss those times when my mom was alive. Now, it’s mostly telephone and email (except for my children & grands), Still,there are those year round table talks with distant relatives. I’m sure people are still having great conversations, perhaps, not as many as we’d like? And the letter writing? Men love to receive those surprise & cutsey little “love” letters as well. Communication is key:)



  4. Clara, I’m with you. The use of technology has pretty much has destroyed intimacy even to the point of people breaking up via text messages. I think the technology thing has made me feel overly disconnected so I find myself calling people to say hello “just because.” Who does that anymore?


  5. Thanks for your input Marcie! It’s so true that in some cases people use text message to end a relationship. I say, “cowards” but, still there are some of us who long for the good ole days of one on one & a gathering of roundtable talks. Let’s keep hope alive and encourage communication the good ole fashioned way!



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