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Avoiding The “Unavoidable”

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Okay I called off from my day job today. I took the time in order to work from home on an upcoming book review and other writing edits I need to get in before the October deadline. Needless to say, because I know there’s going to be “work” involved with these projects? I’m avoiding it! I’m writing other stuff when I should be doing the stuff that will ensure a check in the mail.

I think I’m giving in and giving myself over to that ill fated report card I got back in the day when one of my teachers had the adacity to write in the report card comment section how I was vacillating & procrastinating when it came down to actually doing my homework! Maybe I reason that I’m just making sure that painful stigma stays with me by not breaking the mode and doing the work.

 Some noted PHD would probably say how it’s significant that I’ve lived up to that teacher’s scathing report for all of these years. But, then again… I know me, like I knew me back then. I know how I operate. When I have a project to get done. Initially, I avoid it. WHY? The answer is because I know that once I tackle it…nothing and no one is allowed into my space to interrupt the flow that seems to come effortlessly from somewhere inside of me. Make sense?

Well, you have to be me to understand.,, But, perhaps I’m not so different in my realm of work ethic after all? How many of you women out there work from this angle and still get the job done? Am I truly the only one? Women, sometimes the journey requires a light hearted approach to finding doable solutions…Feel free to share your avoidance escapades…


2 thoughts on “Avoiding The “Unavoidable””

  1. Clara, oh my, you’ve got me pegged. Do you think it’s the writer’s affliction? I have often berated myself for my ability to procrastinate, but you’re so right…the reason is that once we’re in our place of work, we are so intense, and we know we can’t keep that level of intensity without literally working ourselves to death, so we are simply pacing ourselves. I really believe this. I also believe that there are different strokes for different folks and it takes a certain kind of scattered personality to be a writer. This might sound like a cop-out, but I really believe in it. The way we work…is that the hare part of our brain must collide at some point with the tortoise part. That explains why I require naps. My tortoise needs time to let things brew slowly. I also have come to the conclusion that writing extracts a large volume of mental energy, and we have to spread that out by necessity. You are NOT alone by any means. Take heart, and then, when it’s the right time, get to work.


  2. Hi Roxane- Whew, welcome to our world, huh? I was beginning to think that I was the only well meaning “slacker” out here 🙂 seriously, I’m thinking it’s how we allow ourselves to prepare for battle so to speak. Writing is hard work, with the constant muse attacking our senses,annoyingly insistent upon us getting the work out. We fight against the inevitable, yet knowing we must obey! Thanks for your insight & observations!

    I wonder how many other career minded folks go through this ritual? Call for a survey you think?!



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