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“When I get like this…I don’t want to go on.” “I should just leave now and just go home.” “Everything is happening today. My frig is on the brink and the car needs new brakes!”.  Obviously for these three women, today was not a good day. Hearing the discouragement, disappointment and resignation from women of varying ages who were facing obstacles in their lives struck me as being more the norm, than not. People are suffering the effects of a damaged economy.

Women in the workplace are being tested by their employers at jobs paying miminum wage only to be spoken to like children instead of adults and escorted out of the building when they speak out against the abuse.

 The elderly are discouraged when they find themselves pushed to the limit by the very institutions put in place to protect and care for them. An eighty old year woman cries out in despair as she’s whisked to therapy for business as usual. Because we’re only human, we get discouraged by the day to day grind. The refrigerator on the brink. The car needing a brake overhaul. The insaneness of sameness. Unforseen situations that causes a setback and affects our sense of balance.

We all have those days that we want to wish away.  Do not get stuck on sorrow. know if you’re terminated from your job? God has a better plan in store for you. You just have to keep your heart open and prepare to  receive his blessings.

Live a life of expectancy!