A Walk in the Cathedral of Light

The mantra in the blogosphere is “brand your blog” so that your networking with others in your genre and money making projects can flourish as will your name and areas of expertise. Starting clara54 in 2008 came about out of workplace frustration and a need to explore “midlife” passions that had lain dormant for many years.

In 2008, the realization that I was more than a label (nurse) forced me to explore my passion and purpose in the second phase of life! Starting clara54 became a turning point that would eventually venture into unchartered and amazing territories of; bloggers,celebrity gigs, interviews,profiles, online classes,writing opportunities for magazines and newspapers…The joy that come from showcasing the works of new creatives…

In 2010, the beat goes on. Initially clara54 told folks they would never know what they were going to get when visiting the site. No truer words have ever been written. Sometimes I don’t know what new something will spark my passion and appear as post for my readers! My open door policy allows other up & coming creatives to showcase their works and then there are those dang established folks asking to be included. How can I say no?!

Great Blog connections. Awesome conversations. Impromtu consultations. Community invites and a bit of profit making makes clara54 a wonderful place to be. I find myself loving this transition! Women of authenticity, passion ignites your purpose! And lest I forget. All of my Twitter friends? You’re an awesome bunch of creatives!!!

How do you feel about your blog at this stage? Is it all you expected?