Image by Elisa atene via Flickr

What are you grateful for? Do you “count” your blessings? “Expect to be blessed.!” Recently a friend gave me this sage advice when I was excited about receiving a totally unexpected and so needed financial lift. I told my friend that yes, I’m always living a life of expectancy. We humans know how living life experiences in a complicated world can oftentimes give the most positive of us a “beat down”. Life is filled with uncertain difficult life shifting dynamics and all sorts of personal transitions. Because we’re human,we tend to absorb these negatives life experiences without ever looking to the light and on the bright side of things. Life is a contineous struggle of ups and downs. A puzzle of events that we can never quite grasp from living one day to the next. 

Pastor Joel Osteen tells us to live a life of expectancy. Don’t let the particulars of living life experiences get us down. He goes on to say to us, expect good things…inclusive of good health. Finding that great gig. Marrying a wonderful & spritual partner. And perhaps retire with our 401k intact! Recently, I forgot to be grateful. I woke up bemoaning the fact that I had another hard & stressful day of work ahead. And honestly, after 31 years of nursing, I wasn’t feeling it! To make a long story short, I had a beautiful, fulfilling, and purpose-filled day.There was adaquate staffing. Patient satisfaction and teamwork ( which doesn’t always happen in nursing). Returning home, I felt a bit ashamed for my morning pre-op work tantrum! It was a time to confess my gratitude, believe that!

Living life experiences is bound to knock us for a loop sometimes, but, that’s life. As one woman put it, “everyday is complicated.” Take note of these Lynn Andersen lyrics and abide accordingly “I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden…along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometimes!” Women on your journey to reawakening, be mindful of how sometimes the smallest blessings renders the greatest rewards. Expect to be blessed even amid the chaos of life. 

Feel free to share your awakening to living a life of expectancy and gratitude!