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Giving Thanks to Blogging Women…

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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it” William Arthur Ward.

In continuation of a post on gratitude, I’m using tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Day in celebration as I give honor to God for his grace, blessing, and gift of life. Because of his Grace, My family is healthy, happy, and whole. Because of his Grace, I’ve come a long way, made many wonderful sistah friends online & off. I’ve traveled a path unforseen or realized, and find myself living my best life yet! Some great connections I’ve made on this journey deserves a bit of thanks right here on Thanksgiving Eve and I hope those of you feeling gratitude avoid waiting to send out your gift of thanksgiving…

Thank You for helping brand my business:

Sonya Carmichael Jones @ Marketingbuddha.com

Heidi Richards@ Wemagazineforwomen

Susan Johnston @ The Urban Muse

Deb Bailey, coach @dbaileycoach.com

Rosanne Catalano @ The Cats Meow for Writers and Readers

Sylvia Browder @ National Association for Women on the Rise…

Thanks for awesome women bloggers:

Marcie @ Marcie Write Creations

Mary @ Play Off The Page

Roxane @ Peace Garden Mama

Sybil @ Alternaview

jamie @ For Coloreds Gurls

Pat @ X-pat files from overseas

Una @ Sunflower luv….

Happy Thanksgiving women of authenticity and continue to live your truth!


6 thoughts on “Giving Thanks to Blogging Women…”

  1. Clara, this was such a surprise, to see me named on your gratitude list. I can so easily turn it around and say the same of you. So I will. Thank YOU for your posts that are so filled with gems of wisdom and love and peace and hope. I appreciate your insight, Clara! Glad you’re out in this world. 🙂


    1. Hi Roxane,
      I think the quote says it all:) I’ve always thought your work inspiring, uplifting and just your being the for real deal…I’m motivated by your posts and I’m grateful that you find some useful insights from my work as well. Thanks for giving…

      Peace & blessings


    1. Hi Marcie.

      It is my pleasure and my purpose to give back, as I’m sure it’s “ditto” for you! Thanks for all you give to us and for following your truth…



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