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The economic downslide has affected many of our lives and livelihood. For sure,these are trying times for families from all walks of life. For mothers raising children in a single parent household, these times especially can be stressful and disheartening. Still, our children look to their parents for their happiness and this festive Holiday season is no different. For families stressing over how to bring joy into their homes for the Holidays? Let’s get proactive and make it happen.

Bargain Shopping for their children toys and clothing…Ebay have great gently used toys, as well as donated toys at reasonable prices. Last year I purchased 2 plush princess dolls for my grandaughters in their original packaging.    

Department store sales at Walmart, Kmart and Khols have frequent in store markdowns on kids and teen clothing. In store coupons are available for use as well. Finding sectons of markdown children clothing might take a bit of a search and rescue effort, depending upon ages and sizes, but well worth the extra effort to find the best bargains and bring the brightest smiles.

Holiday frazzled moms should make a list of what they plan to purchase and how much they plan to spend on each child,prior to hitting the stores. And the experts advise us to shop early, so keep this in mind.

Putting a bit of you in your gift giving can be a special treat to your child’s Christmas this year. You can have your daughter help with Christmas dinner. Read the twelve days of Christmas with the little ones. Watch Miracle On 34th Street with the family and even surprise them with their personalized gift basket( created by hands of a loving mom)  under the xmas tree.

As mothers and parents, we have to find ways to keep our children happy this Holiday season and worry free! What will you do to bring joy home for the Holidays?