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Setting Your Mood For Christmas…

Cover of "Reindeer (Ornament Board Books)...
Cover of Reindeer (Ornament Board Books)

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Well, not quite yet. In fact, from my vantage point today,I heard a lot of women saying “Bah humbug!” to “I’m not feeling it.!” With less than 18 days  to go before Christmas Day, I’d say it’s time to ‘feel it’. If you look around you, there’s snow, a scattering of Christmas lights blinking in the distance. Big Department Store Sales with Santa greetings in the window and the traditional lightening of most any downtown city Christmas Tree…So why are you not feeling it?

Some Holiday teasers to help get you in the mood for Christmas could include: 

1. Playing your favorite Christmas jams. Some of my all time Christmas favs? 

a.Santa Claus Is Coming To Down!

b. Ruldoph The Red-nosed Reindeer

c. I Saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus

d. Silver Bells

e. All I Want For Christmas Is You…

You can start pulling out the garland, wreaths,and ornaments from last year to test for endurance. Shop for replacement bulbs for that new live tree you’ve decided to purchase after finally discarding the artificial one your family always groaned under their breath about anyway.

The smell of fresh pine, twinkling lights on the new Christmas tree, Michael Jackson & The Jackson Five singing “I saw Mama Kissing Santa Claus”. or, Bing Crosby crooning “Silver Bells, Silver Bells… it’s Christmas Time In The City” and you’re guaranteed to get in the mood for the Holidays…

Okay, how are you feeling about Christmas now?


4 thoughts on “Setting Your Mood For Christmas…”

  1. Sweet glimpse into your Christmas traditions. We’re preparing for the special time, little by little. The tree is up, not decorated, yet. A few cookies baked, soon eaten. Not much shopping done, but thinking about it. The music is playing, though, oh, yes, let it play.


    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks for adding your small steps to the Christmas Spirit in your home! I’m in the spirit of joyful gatherings of family ,friends and the excitement & anticipation from the children:) And let’s not foget the groovy music of XMAS!

      Happy Holidays,


  2. If I didn’t have child around the house, I probably wouldn’t care. The commercialism is outta control and all I want for Christmas is for my family to be safe, healthy and prosperous blessed with food, clothes and shelter.


    1. Thanks for those sentiments Marcie and I’m saying “ditto” because I’m sure plenty folks wish the same for their families…However, there is a time and place for everything, just as the seasons change, I’m glad for the ambiance that Christmas brings. It’s a joyful time of celebration. I’m a closet xmas shopper basically (online) and could well do away with the crowds and advertisements, but capitalism is what it is and pales to the joy that Christmas brings to many of our children:) Believe it or not, children still do believe in Santa Claus!

      Peace & Blessings


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