Image by niceones77 via Flickr

Do you ever question why it is that you give back? Pay it forward? Sow Seeds? Do you do these things for ulterior motives? Personal agendas and, or, recognization? If you do, then is it any wonder that you’re most likely living a miserable life? In the universe, the stars are aligned as they follow the natural rhythm that is creation.The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.The Moon shines and raindrops fall. And according to God, “It’s all good!”…so it is with us. We are made according to his image, but, we have a flaw, we’re human-beings; Spiritually created, yes, but living a human existence…We’re bound to falter and fall. Some of us hold onto anger, grudges and feelings of inadaquacy for way too long which, in turn, causes jealousies and mean spiritedness AND in knowing this is how we are, we have the adacity to advocate for humanness, gratitude and divine intervention!

In our backwards way of thinking, we’re hell bent on proving ourselves somewhere above the rest in our efforts to prove ourselves to the masses… that we’re  deserving of their praise. That we’re authentic! Many of us can’t see the forest for the trees. We abhor another person’s success. We set out to destroy their contributions by unkind acts and deeds AND still, in our minds we’re speaking from a place of “truth”. In this fast approaching New Year, my wish for us is that we learn to live and let be. Stop acting out of a false sense of superiority. Stop pretending you know another person’s shortcomings and stop instigating negativity amongst your peers and acquaintances. Be still and hear yourself speak.

I lean toward people who are kind. I learn from those who teach from humility. I choose my battles WISELY and follow the road least taken. Of course, I’m an adult who make adult decisions. Some good, some bad, still they are mine to make.. When we’re comfortable in our own skin, the negatives we oftentimes face can most definitely sear us, but will never burn us!  In order to reap from the harvest of living your truth, become a truth seeker. My truth is not yours and vice versa. I’m ok with that. Are you?  When in doubt about your passion & purpose because of a mere flicker from a hater’s flame, a proper response should be… “Your opinion of me is none of my business” and keep dancing .

As we get ready to celebrate our Christmas in whatever spirit we’ve chosen to do so, remember to leave that green-eyed monster at the door and good-ness just do “you!”…and you will began to live your best life yet… Thanks Joel.

Happy Holidays!