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Encouraging Dreamers…

The Oxford Book of English Short Stories
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“Don’t let the sun go down on your dreams unless you choose to be a star!” Some years ago when I first began to submit my work to short story competition, an editor sent me this inspiring message in a letter acknowleding that my work was in its second round of judging. Of course, I was walking on cloud nine right about then, especially when there was a smiley face with the words “your work is excellent, don’t stop!” along the border of the paper. Needless to say, I waited with bated breath for the final results of that competition only to learn that my submission didn’t win. it didn’t even make honorable mention!

What did this mean for me? I could look at this pain of rejection one sided,as a total rejection of my work, or as a start to following my dreams. I didn’t win the competition, but, I won favor in the eyes of the editor who deviated from a stiff form letter to encourage me to follow my dreams… and a few rewards for my persistence along the way. Recently, Maria Shiver bestowed honorisms upon some known celebrities in their field of expertise in California. She was quoted saying how this was a state of dreamers and it inspires you to do your best. I tend to think people in general are dreamers who with inspiration in those times of doubt & frustration can continue to strive for their best, even when it seems their best isn’t making the grade. When we’re encouraged to follow our dreams, it makes us more determined to see our vision to fruition.

Here are  more great messages to help inspire the dreamer in you to create whatever it is that makes you, “You” and reap your just rewards.

a. Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life- Tom Thiss

b. Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people- Carl Jung

c.It’s going to be a great day! make all your efforts today fruitful- Tony the Tiger

d. If you want to work on you art, work on your life- Anton Chekhov

 From Dare to Dream, a book by Jo Ryan:

a. Things do not turn out as you wish, wish for them as they turn out

b. The journey is the reward

c. Good things come from those who hustle while they wait

d. To accomplish great things, we must act, dream, plan, and above all, believe

e. Never undervalue what you are…

f. HOPE is a waking dream

In the words of Tupac Shakur “Ya feel me?”

Those of you who dare to dream, my hope is that these inspiring messages keep you focused and motivate you to Shine On!


7 thoughts on “Encouraging Dreamers…”

  1. Clara, I love the idea of seeing rejection as one more step toward success. Rejection means you submitted something to be rejected. That’s one step better than thinking about submitting, and two steps beyond thinking about what you could write about to possibly submit, and three steps beyond simply wishing you could be something you’re not. 🙂


  2. This absolutely should be one of my post’s inspiring messages! Thanks for adding this gem, Roxane…

    Looking forward to more of your motivating insights in our year 2011 🙂



  3. And so shall we all! Thanks Mary for your presence here at authentic woman. I appreciate you for taking the time to share with us:)

    Happy Holidays & prosperous and Healthy New Year!


  4. I let rejection stop me from pursuing my dream as a freelance journalist which is why I haven’t had as many published successes I should have. I intend to move forward and make stuff happening starting January 2011.

    And, I submitted a grant for a book I’m writing which was not considered. I am confident that I will get that grant in 2010. I wasn’t upset about this rejection because I was proud I made the attempt. AND this is pushing me toward grant writing, which was on my list of writing skills to gain in 2011. This will also help move forward with more confidence when writing my book.

    Everything works out for the best.


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