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Paying Homage To Our Elderly…

Homeless man, Tokyo.
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At the moment I have 2 centurians under my care. As a nurse, I’m apt to become overly sensitive when it comes to their wellbeing. This is not to say that I’m not concerned for all of my patients, mind you, only that at 101 and 102 years of age, these two patients have somehow invaded my professional barriers and won my heart( nurses are told to remain objective, I get that)… As a celebration of life for these women, the entire staff come together to pay their respects and homage to such strong survivors of living life experiences. Yesterday , a woman showed me the birthdate of one matriarch…December 19th 1908!

When you see time standing; stilled in dates and letters, even nurses become emotional and feel overwhelmed to simply’ be’ in the presence of such folks who are living legends in their own right. Over the years I’ve come to know many wonderful elderly people. Because I also write, I often record their stories. Here is a poem I’d like to share with my readers in the spirit of Christmas, Life, Peace, Blessings and Remembering:

Who Will Speak For The Elders When They Can No Longer Speak For Themselves?

“You Know you should get yourself a cat. They make good friends when you’re alone.”

“Thank you for talking to me. They come in here & not say a word. Just because I can’t hear.”

“I don’t want to be a burden to my children.” 

“Lady! Lady! don’t you hear me talking to you?!”

Who will speak for the elderly, when they can no longer speak for themselves?

Who will record their stories when they feel there’s nothing left?

Their lives so rich; serves to enrich others…who go about their activities of daily living

Somehow we miss the stories told with elegance, laughter and tears.

In the midst of madness that becomes our “dash” of life

We oftentimes fail to recognize—wealth comes from living years, years & years.

Who will speak for the elderly, when they can no longer speak for themselves?…

Peace & Blessings to ALL! 


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