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Riding On The Winds Of Change

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In 2010 many of us experienced change. Change  brought about from the aftermaths of a shifting  economy. We experienced health related diagnosis and the challenges that comes with it. Some even witnessed a rebirth of their spiritual values. Whatever life had in store for us this past year, many of us learned valuable & lasting life lessons. But, then, many of us didn’t. We chose instead to continue down the same path into the New Year. If we don’t resolve to do & become better as one year ends and another begins, then, what’s the point?

The first week into 2011, I’ve witnessed the impact of change. One day after New Years Day and one month after her 102 birthday, a fiesty centurion in my care, went to sleep to never reawaken in this life again. On New Years Day, I was at her bedside, along with other staff members assisting in her needs, her neice in attendance as well. Who could have predicted her passing during the night. Nurses are trained to monitor vitals & this lady’s vital signs and overall status revealed no significant change in her condition. Her transition was peaceful…

Recently, I attended a retirement party for one of our nurse’s whose penchant for providing fun and lighthearted antics helped us cope with the level of stress involved when faced with work overload, numerous call offs and inconsiderate job demands. This professional nurse will truly be missed as she starts the next level of her life in transition as a retiree. Many younger nurses are resigning to look for better jobs and enhance their careers through returning to school in pursuit of their Masters… Young women warriors learning early life lessons in survival.

Life is about change. It is a truth that cannot be denied. How we approach change will affect the end of our days. Are we afraid of change? Are we relunctant? Yes,but it’s so much easier to embrace it, than to deny it exists. Adjusting to changes requires a shift in mindset. After 19 years of wearing my locs, I went and had them cut… It was time for change and I’m prepared to face what the New Year has to offer…

Peace & Blessing on your journey!


6 thoughts on “Riding On The Winds Of Change”

    1. Hi Mary- I’m so loving my new do:) I get to wear those gorgeous hats I’ve always loved to sport, but too much hair always prevented me from styliing & profiling !!! I believe that embracing change is a mindset that we all have to arrive at in some stage of this game plan/life.

      Thanks for stopping in this New Year 2011!
      Peace & blessing, btw headed over to visit my fav blogs today as well,


  1. Clara, greetings! I am delayed in mentioning how fun it was to see my blog on your list at the end of 2010 of those that had played an integral part in your year of blogging. What a delightful surprise.

    I love the visuals you paint with your words. I am imagining the 102-year-old woman and her peaceful end, and your having been part of that. And the women warriors going off to better themselves. Such great images told with such honesty.



    1. Hi Roxane! The pleasure was all mine, believe me:) I don’t offer accolades easily because it’s rare that I come across folks who are truly writing from a place of truth, humility & passion…

      Wishing you & yours a blessed New Year,
      P.S. I’d mentioned to Mary that I’m making my blog rounds today, as well.


  2. What? No locks??? I feel you. Blessings on the changes to come in the new year. I’m so looking forward to this year because what’s to come is better than what’s been. Oh, it’s been good, but it’s about to get great!


    1. Yes!!! and it’s a new feeling for me with barely there hair:) but not to get it twisted, I’m still locing, just a shorter version:) This is it, Marcie, the year we’re going to bust loose in all of our writing resolutions!

      See you at the top!


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