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“Suffer The Children”

Whenever people lives are taken from them in various acts of violence, I think as a people, we all go numb. When irrational and uncaring acts involve innocent children, it becomes almost unbearable-we grieve for the loss of a child and a grief srticken family…

As President Obama leads a nation in moments of silence for the deaths of innocent victims caught in the gun welding sights of a deranged killer, I reflect upon the bright eyes of innocent children who confide their dreams of wanting to grow up to become. Even our children have ‘someday’ dreams. When crimes like this occur, I want to bury my head in the sand and pretend it was some crazy nightmare. 

A mother once gave up reading the newspaper after a horrific crime took a little girl’s innocence; stilled her voice and destroyed her sight…It had become too unbearable. Over time the woman came to learn a valuable lesson; that no matter if she never read another newspaper, or listened to breaking news events on television, it wouldn’t stop the reality…The horrific acts of violence that silence the voices of children and change the lives of their loved ones forever.

I write to encourage women to live their best years. Embrace their passion and define their purpose.This post is for the children. The lives they wanted to live and their families left asking “Why?”… God said “suffer the children to come unto me.”



5 thoughts on ““Suffer The Children””

  1. Clara, it is, indeed, sad…and unthinkable, and difficult to understand, and impossible to help our children understand how such a thing could happen. There are many ills in our world that we have to push through to come to a place of hope and joy. Being there for one another is about the best way I can think of. Thanks for being brave and compassionate in your posts!


  2. Sometimes there are no words, are there? It’s a feeling of helplessness mired in the grief we feel for victims and their families…Received a call from my daugher out of the blue- reminds me how we must remain humble and thankful for our blessings!


  3. You know, before I read this I was having the thought: I know it takes a village to raise a child, but why should I care more than the parents of that child? This message served to let me know that it is the duty of adults to protect all children, regardless of whose child it is. This post answered my question.


    1. Marcie, I’m so glad that you “get” it:) I’m a product of a 50s South and I could clearly write a book! But, for me, It’s not so much about
      race, creed, or color when it comes to tragic loss & senseless murder of our children & the parents left to grieve…Compassion encompasses all. I’m also a mom trying to live right & who advocates for safety & wellbeing of all children and so felt it right to express condolences at this place of authenticity…

      Peace & blessings


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