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Authentic Woman is well, basically for women. I’ve decided to devote today’s post to both sexes which I’d like to think will be a fun post. One which will start a conversation and spark lively debate about the hot topic of “men” and ” expectations” from both sides of the fence in regards to dating/relationships and commitment to those taking up space in our lives…

Men, if you’re reading this and I’m not totally against you doing so in the interest of learning a few things about what women want, need and expect; that’s a good thing!

Recently, conversation evolved when a longtime friend and I went out to celebrate our birthdays… Good times sparked great conversation and opposing opinions which I felt deserved a bit of input from my readers. Keep in mind there won’t be full disclosure of the conversation-women & privacy stuff, however it went down something like this:

Fr: I think if you’re not really in a relationship with a man, but, dating and having fun, you shouldn’t really expect him to give you anything, or basically bring something, other than himself to the table…

Aw: So you’re willing to give of youself/your time and your attentions & possibly affections to a man and NOT have any expectations, other than having a good time?

Fr: When 2 people know why they’re together and that it’s not going to become serious, then I don’t expect any sort of favors, or anything other than being together, until it’s over.

Aw: Men, in my opinion, will not step to me without bringing something to the table. Be that good conversation. Great date nights, or singing for his supper… It doesn’t have to be on a monetary basis, either, but, if a guy sees that I need help in any shape, form, or fashion, he needs to be proactive and step up to the plate.

Fr: You’re hard on your men…

Aw: No, I’m just not settling… Men need to be needed. If you’re constantly giving and never receiving, you’re going to deprive them of their CHIVALROUS nature! 

Okay, readers, that conversation will undoubtly cause a stir among men and their women. Hopefully, you’ll have fun with it and keep chivalry alive!