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Rolling With Winter Intrusions,Workplace Blues and Bear Inclinations

I Beg Your Pardon (I Never Promised You a Rose...
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This is a post I felt compelled to write! The urge to settle underneath warm covers, insulated from outside stress triggers, freezing winter weather & workplace politics geared toward “business as usual” finally overcame my common sensibilities today.

 Thinking on how it does a body good to linger in comfort, like the grumpy bear hibernating during winter snowstorms and bask in the art of doing nothing…It’s so tempting to just turn off; unplug from verbal soundbites; a world’s intrusion and just “be stilled” for precious moments in time…

This post is for the working folks. It’s saying, “I FEEL YOU.” Your pressures. Your living life on the fast track to maintaining in a world seemingly gone topsy-turvy. I’m often reminded of the song by Lynne Andersen that goes ” I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, there’s gotta be a little rain sometime.”

The winters can be darn aggravating and uninspiring most times! But, that’s life folks… I’m over it now 🙂 we just gotta roll with it baby… 

Chin Up!


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