Rejuvenation (album)

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The importance of incorporating those special “ME” times in women lives came to the forefront of my thoughts today when I learned from a busy young woman that it had been a while since she’d taken time out for herself, as in having some good ole fashioned one on one with herself.

And because I know she’ll be reading this post and hopefully become a frequent visitor here with us, I want to congratulate her on her impending nuptials-All the more reason to make “her” time special, don’t you think?

When I finished a few suggestions with her input on the how-tos for getting started on her re-emergence, rejuvenation mindset, I was rewarded with “You should write a book!” I suppose I’ll do just that someday:) but for now, I’m happy spreading the woman news that keeps us women intuned to becoming.Taking time out for one’s self isn’t a sign of selfishness, or should contribute to feelings of isolation. On the contrary,this should be a special time for rejuvenation, reawakening and rejoicing in knowing that God did a wonderous thing when he created “YOU”.

The best times in life oftentimes comes about when we find creative ways to de-stress from the hustle & bustle of living life experiences. Don’t sell yourself short, women of authenticity! It’s your life…Relax, release and realize you’re SO deserving…

Please share how you spend your “me” time…Who knows, your input could help another reluctant woman on a journey to becoming…