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Your Hug Fund Contribution

Good Morning Sunshine....
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Hello to you women who have joined me on this early morning rise! It’s a bit cloudy here in Illinois, which tends to aid the pain in my arthritic shoulder, but you know what? ” Still I rise!”  Today I’m writing about “Hugs”.  That four little letter word packs a powerful punch! You know how we hug our children when they’ve done a good thing, or just to let them know, we love them? How we give those well deserved snippits of affection to our mates? It’s all about an outpouring of giving in the physical. Women are nurturers, that’s clear. We  tend to open our hearts to & take care of the people we love without a second thought. Oftentimes, we’re so determined to show affections to others, we forget to, well, “hug” ourselves.

We have this Annual Charity at my job where we assist others on staff who have fallen on hard times. It could be loss of a loved one. Financial straits suffered within the confines of their homes. A sudden illness in the family or something as joyous as a new parent needing help . The staff pitches in and host a variety of things; Bake sales, barbecues and small monetary contributions all going toward helping another co-worker and contributing to their “Hug Fund”.

In a way, we’re giving hugs to others and somehow helping them feel better. Well, it’s never too late to apply the same principle to you. Contributing to your personal hug fund by literally huging yourself and thanking the good lord for creating a fierce women? Sound good to me:) By remembering to give yourself a hug on those arthritic days (ok, my arthritic day)  those failed to meet  your goal days and those waiting to hear back from a job interview days…are all good reasons to add to your personal hug fund…Has someone came into your life for a season only to bid you adieu? Give thanks for the times you shared and go “HUG” yourself! 

Good Morning Sunshine…


4 thoughts on “Your Hug Fund Contribution”

  1. Hugs to you Clara!!! Thanks for your visit to my blog. I feel hugged by your comment. Yes, I’d love to share scriptwriting and characters with you and your readers. How about after the She Speaks event on Mar. 5. A cutting of my script will be read at a women’s playwright event in Grand Forks, ND. I’m so excited. I can’t stop hugging everyone – including myself!!!!


    1. Mary,

      I’m so happy for you& feel your joy. You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments! Okay,after March 5th, you can just post whatever you’d like my readers to know and learnaboutScriptwriting/Playwright journey and atttach to my email address or in the body of my email-

      God Bless and keep-a-going! Clara


  2. Elora,

    Always remember to pay yourself first by reaffirming your self love! Need a hug? Give yourself a huge one/literally and practice positive affirmations… Because God so loved the world! And that means you:)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    You Shine!


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