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Conditioning Ourselves For Survival

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I grew up watching my mother kneel down on her knees every night as she prepared for bed. She’d appear to be praying like that, on her knees, hands clasped together, whispering in tones that only God could hear.

As a young adult, I hardly ever got down on my knees to pray. My mother’s ritual seemed somehow archiac to me, yet, I always sought solace from this unforseen power I’d come to know as God whenever life seemed unbearable and there was no one on earth I could tell my troubles…I did, as I grew up believing, that I should take it to God in prayer.

The journey into midlife led me to seek out the wisdom and teachings of philophers,mystics, scholars, scientists and masters of studies in religions and spirituality, I’m one of the sheep under the guidance of Jesus Christ as I continue to live life experiences.

Far from being a religious fanatic, I give credence to all faith based areas of worship, refusing to pit one person’s belief against another’s.

In “Your Best Life Now” Joel Osteen
reminds us that our God is a supernatural God. That we are spiritual beings living a human existence. I tend to agree with the positive aspects of his teachings as opposed to the hell and brimstone ways of traditional churches where I grew up and have since avoided. Spirit is so much more than doctrine documented and interpeted down through the ages.

God wants us to live a life of expectancy and I certainly do. I believe that in the face of hardship, where pain, disappointments, hard decisions, loss and devastation brings our bodies to our knees…God is there holding us up.



Recently, a very dear friend had to make an agonizing decision when it came to her son. In the end, it was a painful, but, selfless act that she decided . Soon after she’d done this thing, her son called from miles away. He said he was adjusting well, his message of hope evident in their conversation.

When women are suffering,we tend to want to curl up in a ball and wish for disappearance. This is not reality. We are spiritual beings, living a human existence…We must not be afraid to believe that nothing is too big for God…It is a matter of faith…

Continue to work at your passion. Continue to believe when life gets hard. Continue to pray to a power so much bigger than yourself and never throw stones when some other person’s beliefs differs from your own…It is not yours to judge.

Clara B. Freeman


7 thoughts on “Conditioning Ourselves For Survival”

  1. Good to hear from you Mary!

    I’m so intuned to my faith & belief system that I’m sharing with others to always know, we’re never alone…Trials, tribulations, joys & pain…God is there!




  2. Agreed! And so appropriate as we enter the season of Lent. For those of us who take this seriously, it can be a most beautiful experience, and much knee-bending to the God who created us and love us in abundance. 🙂


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