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Life is about change. For the Baby Boomers, change has never been so evident. Change can be good. Even during these times, when we’re not only  feeling the pinch of economics, but for  many of us, we’re still trying to adjust to the upheaval in our personal as well as our professional lives.

After 50, everything from the perspective of the ‘Baby Boomer‘ is that things seem to go downhill.

Whereas men have their own personal midlife crisis, in most instances can be lessened with the purchase of a new set of wheels, or a much needed vacation and an occasional night out with the guys.

It’s the Baby Boomer women who, oftentimes can’t seem to get a handle on this frightening life change also known as “midlife transitions”.

Here are 5 essential keys Baby Boomer women and men can use to help jumpstart our journey into the second phase of our lives:

1. Accentuate the Positive
What’s going good in your life right now? Make a list of all the things you like about being you. For instance, you’re compassion, your smile,  your ability to make friends or your expertise in the kitchen. Whatever brings a good feeling inside and causes others to want to know you.

2. Tap into your Family and Friend Support Base
Allow your closest friends and family members to act as an objective ear, offer sound advice, or supply a bridge of comfort during those times you need it most. Now is not the time to be alone, and you’re not.

3. ‘Doubt the Fear’
A wonderful motivational/inspirational speaker, Guy Finley, tells us how to ‘doubt’ the fear that comes with the ‘not knowing’. Change is scary. For the Baby Boomer in transition, on a journey of rediscovery, the fear of not knowing can cause anxiety, anger and self-doubt. According to Guy Finley, when you doubt the fear, it renders ‘fear’ powerless!

4. Dare to Dream!
Baby Boomer Women have been so busy during their first phase of life by literally being all things for everyone else, other than themselves – mothers, daughters, wives, co-workers, friends, chauffeurs, cooks, busy, multitasking women… Now it’s your time to shine. Find out what make you happy and set out to follow your dream. It’s no longer ‘a man’s world’.

5. Know that you are Productive
Once Baby Boomer woman and men have began to apply the keys that will help to jumpstart their second, third and fourth phase of living life, we will embrace the endless possibilities that life offers.

With the journey of re-discovery comes the knowledge. The knowing that Baby Boomers have made and will continue to make important contributions to our lifestyles, our communities…Our world

Believe and achieve fellow babyboomers!