Living into your Authentic Self
I am drawn to Clara’s blog because it is about being an authentic woman, learning how to live into your authentic self.  I lost myself in a bad relationship and in giving away all of myself to others, so that when I got divorced, I had to meet myself all over again and say,  “Who is Mary and what does she like to do?  What are her gifts and talents, and where can she use them?” 
I knew what they were.  I knew what made me come alive, but I didn’t know how to make them grow, or if I’d have the courage to share them.  I found myself in many coffee consultations, leaning over the steam of the mug, having real and meaingful conversations with friends.  Then, I signed up for Scriptfrenzy last April.  It’s an online support for people to write a script in a month, like the novel in a month that many people do in November.  Characters had already been forming in my brain.  I’d taken notes on dialogue, and the setting was clear.  I’d have five women meeting regularly in a coffee shop.  They’re a singing group, so they meet in the coffee shop to plan their music.  Their next gig is the Race for the Cure luncheon in their town.  Of course, real life drama happens as they discuss their music.  Themes like breast cancer, losing a mom to the disease, relationships, and friendship. 
When I first embraced my gift as a writer, I thought I’d write a novel, have a debut party, and that would be my first celebration and big publication.  I’ve written two YA novels that won’t be published as is.  They’re good novels, but they’re not great.  When I’d get critiques, my exposition was too much telling, not enough showing, but my dialogue always got praise.  I have an ear for dialogue.  I can remember word for word what is said in conversations, how people talk, their word choices.  It feels very natural to write it.  All I’m doing is writing down what I hear.  I’ve always been drawn to the theatre.  Did a bit of acting in community plays, and I work with kids and drama where I help them develop their own characters and write their own script.  I decided it was time to embrace the playwright in me, and write my first full-length play.  The title is Coffee Shop Confessions.  I’ve had a table reading where I invited a few talented friends to read it out loud.  I served them breakfast and coffee, of course, and had one of the best mornings of my life.  I was amazed at how beautifully they brought my characters to life.  They added personality and spirit, and I knew this is what it meant to live into my authentic self.
So, as you’re going about your day, ask yourself:  What makes me come alive?  Then, do it, and marvel at the results.  Don’t be afraid to live into your authentic self.  When you do, you will come alive, and you will find yourself inspiring others.
Thank you, Clara, for inviting me to be a guest on your wonderful blog.  I am blessed by our connection.
My thanks to Mary, an accomplished Pianist & Playwright for so kindly consenting to share her journey to authenticity!  To read more of Mary’s work, go to The doors are now open. If any woman wants to share with us their “aha” moments to living and learning from life experiences, send me an email.