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Bring Out Your Personal Spring & Summer Style

Garden with some tulips and narcissus
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I recently completed a great interview with a fashion designer that was for lack of a better word, “the cat’s meow!” It went well. Today, I’m thinking about fashion, color, style, and the beauty of spring and summer right inside my humble abode.  How can women bring their own sense of fashion & style into their personal  home with vibrant shades of color? Think about the beauty of life in all its offerings.

For example, spring is about celebrating life, beauty and renewal. Even though in my neck of the city, spring is anything but warm and cozy colorful right about now, I’ve decided to help it along in my space by coming up with fun & creative ideas to enhance my personal sense of who I am and you can too.

Love daffodils and tulips? I do! They’re so delicate and rich with yellow, reds & purples; vibrant, inviting colors to place into that huge oddly shaped vase sitting on the dining room table. Not so sustainable, but beautiful nonetheless!

Abstract paintings! Don’t you love the meshing of colors? And what an ideal way to keep your guests guessing  their meaning or representation. Contemporary or abstract painting this season. placed along the stark white & bare walls will brighten any area in your home.

Fragrance? Try the tantalizing fresh scents of lemons & tangerines; consider placing some in that simple bowl sitting alone on the end table. Don’t procrastinate. Step into the beauty of vibrant life by brightening up your home space. Throws anyone? Big comfy floor pillows placed here and there for comfort TV watching, or video game playing and just fun lounging around times not only brightens up a room but also enhances  the “happy” endorphins.

Do away with those old kitchen towels. Hang some of grandmas back in the day terry cloth ones instead. The bath? Ah, the ambiance of a soothing bath. You’ll have to use your own ideas for this area. Gets sort of personal here:)

The idea is to bring your own style into spring and summer! As women, we love fashion and that’s a good thing. However, it’s  our individual style that feeds the beauty of our authentic selves.

“Fashion can be bought.” “Style must be possessed.”- Edna Woolman Chase.

So what are you going to do to display your personal spring and summer  styles? Hmm, think I’ll visit a nursery…a garden on the balcony this spring?  The one thing I know for sure?

Fashion lasts for a season. Your personal style endures for a lifetime!

P.S. Still open for your authentic woman stories! email me when you’re ready to share:)


8 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Personal Spring & Summer Style”

  1. Clara, I love colors and flowers so you got me with this post. I agree that women are naturally inclined toward splashing the world with color and life and style, and we can do this even on limited means, which is an important fact to bring out. Thanks for reminding us that live is meant to be savored and lived abundantly.


  2. You’ve got it worse than we do here in the Midwest, Mary:) just windy & chilly with a forecast of light flurries! We know spring has sprung, so it’s all good.



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