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Authentic Woman Dilemma

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Happy Monday Morning! I’m finding myself on the fence today because I’d planned on bringing you another great guest post from a well established writer, business entrepreneur, and mother. Yes, a mom who is like many of you, juggling business with raising a family. You won’t want to miss this very informative piece on parenting. Okay, now that I’ve gotten your attention? Here’s the dilemma. I had also envisioned using  this wonderful guest post as a final farewell to what has been my Authentic Woman home for three years!

Yes, I am in the final stages of moving my motivational & personal developmental blog to what I hope will become it’s final resting place. A great,  inviting & comforting place filled with valuable authentic women stories, ideas, meanderings, and a place for continued growth! Authentic-Woman.Net is in its final stages! At the end of the day or no later than  Tuesday:) So, bear with me as I await news to the site’s grand opening. Stay tuned, there’s either going to be a great parenting farewell post  here, or a welcoming post , opening  the doors to my new site!

Peace & blessings,



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