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The Power in Your Speak


There have been times in our lives where we’ve allowed the moment to pass when we should have spoken up for whatever strong belief system we favored in opposition to another or felt empowered by and needed to speak  and let our voices be heard.

While an inner silence of regret embarrasses us and settles in our bosoms, we feel ashamed by our inactive voice and silently label ourselves ‘coward.’ There have been numerous times I’ve felt I’ve let myself and other people down by not stepping up and speaking my truths, regardless of the anticipated fear based consequences. The one truism that we all have as American citizens is the right to free speech.

For many of us, it’s a double-edged sword; wanting to speak, but afraid to upset those whose opinions might differ from ours. Some of the most visionary and creative of us even abhor the very idea of public speaking and so we try to avoid the spotlight as much as possible and we might not use our voice to make a stance as we should, because we don’t want to lose the private anonymity we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

I know I’ve led an introverted approach to life for practically all of my life. Being an introvert and being on the ‘shy’ side can be a double-edged sword, but there are exercises you can do to see your vision of bringing your passion and purpose to the forefront and in front of an audience. The life of the party, I never strive to become, but in the work that has become my mission purpose, I have no choice but to use my voice, stand before people and allow that part of myself to come forward and be a person of authentic transparency.

Your passion and purpose need to be heard in its authentic voice. Your voice can inspire another, call attention to an insidious problem, bring a community together and change the minds of the most powerful people in the world. Your voice when spoken with clarity, with compassion, dignity and authority, can impact a nation.

If you have been called to serve and your voice needs to be heard, accept the position. Be the leader you were destined to become and use your voice for positive change. Don’t allow fear to weaken you and have you lose sight of who you are and whose you are or what you’ve been called to do.


If you have a fear of public speaking, study the pros, take classes and learn how to present yourself to others in a position of confidence and expertise in your chosen field of interest. And always speak from the heart and share your story on the journey to becoming the expert you are. Three professional speakers that I follow closely are:

Marcie Hill, author and graduate of Toastmaster Speaking Association. She is CEO of several blogs, including The Write Design Company and author of “62 Blogs Posts to Overcome Bloggers Block”.

Pat Mckinzie is an author, girls’ basketball coach and teacher, who can add the title of professional speaker to her long list of accomplishments after being touted to give an Access to Opportunity lecture at Dreyfus University Center in Wisconsin, her basketball Alma mater. She is one of the first women to break the barrier in Women’s Professional Basketball.  Pat is my long distance motivator and accountability partner who live in Switzerland with her Frenchman hubby and blogs about her amazing life at Expat Files from Overseas.

Lisa Nichols, the award-winning motivational speaker and multimillion dollar entrepreneur, who is bringing women together in her latest speaking series called “Motivating the Team Spirit.” Lisa’s advises you to be radical for your own future and “Make your story about why you can do it, instead of why you can’t do it.”

These women have remained authentic and original in their approach to speaking their stories, making a difference in their own lives and, in the lives of other folks.

When you offer your gifts as a service to others and speak from a place of authority and leadership, your “Speak” becomes less about you and more about your purpose.  Do aspire to make a positive difference in the world and you can win over anyone, in any arena when you begin your Public Speaking from a place of authenticity and truth.

Addendum:  My domain site at authentic-woman.net has been compromised and I’ve had to move us back to our original site during this transitional phase of regrouping. I hope you will continue to follow authentic woman, participate in inspiring conversations and take advantage of my mentoring services offered online in group or one on one sessions.

I appreciate you all for adding your authentic voices to the mix and following authentic woman  here at  https://wisewoman2.wordpress.com.

It’s going take a minute to get the site up to par, but I’m always up for a challenge 🙂

Peace & blessings


2 thoughts on “The Power in Your Speak”

    1. No, Marcie, thanks to you for finding you passion and truth purpose voice, which allows me to speak about your accomplishments from a place of truth 🙂
      More blessing, abundance and authentic truths awaits-


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