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Color Your Life Significant

Happy Friday women of vision! I’m battling back from a few setbacks, but life is a challenge and you must find the strength to rise every time, so I wanted to leave a few words of wisdom for you all on the path to living a significant life of passion and authentic purpose.

th color your lifeA colleague shared on social media, asking “What do you do when you feel like giving up”?
We’re all victims to human frailties and so find ourselves often voicing similar concerns like “When will this trouble pass?” or “What exactly am I trying to prove?” Living your life on purpose doesn’t mean you’re immune to life’s challenges. Because we are spiritual beings, living a human existence, negatives and doubts will not render us immune to struggle and feelings of “broken-ness.”
I remember when I found myself on the path to living a life of authenticity and truth, the ugly head of fear rose up to fan my insecurities and doubts, brought about in some instances by well-meaning friends and family and the meanness of naysayers and critics. These things threatened to topple me and leave me discouraged and second guessing my own capabilities.
“What’s for me is for me” but I can’t set back and wait for something to happen. I have to apply the seeds of God’s gifts to make my garden grow. Many of us weren’t aware of this one truism and so we look outside of our own truths for validation. You’ve always held the key that unlocks the door to your inner “self.” You must have faith and believe.
Few people ever actually use the gifts they’ve been given. They prefer to moan and groan about what they don’t have as opposed to recognizing and being grateful for what they have achieved.

To build a foundation on what we already have, starts right now, with you, right where you are in the moment. There are no promises of  tomorrows. You have to begin to live the life you want right now!
A friend and co-worker recently lost her life. Not yet, 50 years old, she leaves behind a good husband, three daughters and a beautiful granddaughter. My heart aches that she left too soon and will never get to see her granddaughter grow up.
Whatever you do in your life, make your life count by making it meaningful to yourself and to others. There’s no set number of days for any of us to get it right. I love that I’m living a significant life on purpose and doing what brings me joy. Outside of two wonderful children and a house filled with rambunctious grandchildren and one beautiful great-granddaughter, loving family and a select group of spirited friends, I couldn’t imagine anything making me happier. Okay, maybe a fabulous vacation home in the Hamptons. 🙂
When you’re facing setbacks and challenges in your life, continue to color your life forward by focusing on helping someone else. When you forget about YOU and reach out to help another, your blessings will always flow from the favor of The Almighty. It doesn’t matter whether big or small, just reach out to offer your services and sooner than later, you will find favor of positive shifts in your direction.
My journey and personal life experiences have brought me to know my purpose and how to successfully rebuke my troubles. This journey to reawakening led me to offer my services to others who experience seasons of fog and uncertainty. God’s purpose in my life is well-defined; as it is in yours. Accept his grace with a welcoming heart.
Living authentically is a lifestyle commitment, but when we take up the gauntlet to “Becoming”, we’re already clothed in the Almighty’s armor of protection. Through the good times and the bad, we are living on purpose, all we really need to know is that struggle is unavoidable and we are made stronger by our struggles. Never give up.
“From steps to ladders to bridges, your truth begins with you.”
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