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New Book On Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

index Spartan Up       Happy Monday women warriors. As you may know, I do a lot of personal development readings to educate myself on the journey to empowering the voice in other women ( men who happen upon the site as well)  in efforts to help you achieve  a happier authentic life by becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to know.

Getting your mind right is just one aspect of living your truths however and besides aiming for our mental and emotional well being, we have to maintain our physical being as well. When we’re mentally, emotionally and physically all good, we can happily continue our journey to our passion and purpose.

Honestly, power walking is about the most strenuous exercise I’ve ever done due to medical limitations, but I am all for maintaining good physical and mental health. There’s a different self development and motivating race for everyone who wants to take it up a notch by exploring and participating in physical endurance exercises inviting men, women and children to come out and run!
Have you heard about “SPARTAN UP!”? It’s a new way of achieving the maximum in physical and mental health & well being through taking part in endurance races through mud, mountainsides and off beaten trails, that will help people overcome any obstacles in their personal and professional lives, under the owner’s philosophy of committing to a goal, putting in the work and getting it done-

I’m contemplating an interview with the author behind this endurance race movement, Joseph De Sena. I will be reading his new book, Spartan Up! that will be available in May. If  anyone wants to know about this obstacle race and guide to a better life, I’m going to post the link to his video below. If you want to share in the interview that I’m considering for May, send in your questions or concern for the author and owner of this Life Guide strategy and I will ask them for you.

Check out the video- : http://youtu.be/N4hqEGtXIpo

Peace and blessings-






2 thoughts on “New Book On Overcoming Life’s Obstacles”

  1. Thanks for sharing the book with us, Clara. Since I have little time to commit to reading for pleasure, I’m looking forward to your book reviews.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Marcie. Reading for pleasure and business has become a bit blurred in my mind these days. Must be because I enjoy reading and feel blessed to be able to pick and choose for the latter:)


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