th believeHappy Monday visionaries!

Over 20 years ago, my mission was laid out plain and simple. I would use my voice to help the “underdog’ achieve their platform and stand up and be heard and taken seriously for their true convictions and people were going to listen. At the time, I was a young wife, mother and full-time nurse with three agendas to guide my purpose. Speak up for the elderly. Write and share their stories. Bring awareness to the violence on the school grounds from bullies and on the home front in an effort to protect and support my children and the children of other parents in a stance against gangs, drugs and violence and empower the voice in women to speak up for their rights.
I would become that voice to encourage other women to stand up for themselves when faced with opposition and injustice on the work front and in their personal lives. I took up my paper and pen, graduating to my trusted Canon typewriter and on to the informational highway of the internet cyberspace to introduce and share personal pieces of myself.

I’ve published poems, short stories, song lyrics, magazine articles, company slogans, personal essays on award-winning websites and various organizations equipped with in-house newsletters on a mission to inspire, educate and motivate the voices of women worldwide.
My mission to bring change has never wavered and I’m seeing an abundance of folks walking and sharing in their truths in order to make a difference in the lives of others. The biggest lesson I’ve learned on this journey to reawakening is that it’s not about ME.
It’s about doing the work that the good Lord blessed me to do. When friends questioned and family doubted, I allowed my human self to weaken and began to question my innate passion and purpose.

In awareness, we learn some friendships have agendas and family members can be overprotective and sometimes pass along their own insecurities and choices in securing a life of certainty over one of uncertain passion and purpose. Following your passion and purpose won’t instantly pay your bills, but your heart will rejoice in your truths as you continue to use your gifts that ensures a richness in spiritual prosperity beyond the physical scope of material profit.

I no longer listen to the outside noise of criticisms and naysayers, but stay centered and focused on the divine voice of intuitive knowing that comes from God’s favor on my purpose filled life. I had so much to share with all of you upon awakening from sleep this Monday morning, but decided to share more of me and my reasons for doing what I do.
My Southern upbringing introduced me to the beauty of Mother Nature, Jim Crow laws and Racism.  My mother would show me how to feel compassion and empathy for another human being and a young Angela Davis helped me find my voice and what an impact it could have in defiance of injustices  and inhumane treatment of others based upon prejudices and hatred.
I am a fighter, a survivor, and a dreamer. I love God and I will continue to walk this journey in prayer and faith. I’m no longer intimidated by anyone. I believe in good and detest evil in every form. I love children in all of their innocence and I want to protect the elder from neglect and abuse.
Because I’ve walked where others before me walked, I have embraced their wisdom. I hope you are open and receptive to receiving these gifts of life lessons as I’m led to share them with all of you. The journey is so much more important than the destination, simply because it’s a never-ending road that we must travel on the path to becoming our best selves.
I’m inspired to share this post with all of you and wish you a long and healthy life of peace, purpose and possibility.

Peace and Blessing