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Where’s Your Faith?

thdark times“Sometimes you look out upon the world and think how every great thing that’s happening is happening not to you, but to someone else. It’s in those times of a self-imposed pity-party that you call upon spirit to re-ignite your faith”
I recently wrote this message of encouragement to myself, during one of those moments when I had to have a one on one “where you at?” conversation with God. It’s because stuff kept hitting the fan and I was getting tired from trying to put out the fires. Sometimes when we try to ‘fix’ our own stuff we can’t see the beauty of the sun rising just above the horizon. So, we keep searching for answers, becoming perplexed; wondering why the good lord hadn’t responded to our RSVP’s.
Recently, the world lost a faith-based woman of God who always used her wisdom of living and learning from the realities of life experiences, to shed light on the hopeless and to offer up enriching words of comfort and courage. Dr. Maya Angelou reminded us all to be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud. And what better time for us to do good service for others than when we’re mired in our own stuff?
When you reach out to extend a helping hand to someone else, suddenly your troubles seem not so large. I truly believe that sowing seeds causes God to smile in our direction. I feel him whispering “Well done my good and faithful servant well done.”
When you fall down, refuse to stay down. Fight the funk of negativity and cheer on the sweetness of positive and possibility. Trust and believe in whose you are. I challenge you to embrace your faith, cast out the negative energy in your life and stand in reverence and obedience to the awesome goodness that is the Almighty. Keep being a rainbow.
I’m on hiatus until July.
Peace and Blessings,


4 thoughts on “Where’s Your Faith?”

  1. Thanks for the reminder to keep the faith and fight the funk of negativity. For a little extra inspiration, I am rereading all of Maya’s great autobiographies. I taught a special lesson about her in class and had my students write about what some of her quotes meant to them. Have a nice hiatus.


  2. And I’m rereading I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings while on hiatus. I know your students were inspired by your special Maya Angelou lesson. She was definitely a rainbow!


  3. I don’t recall getting my update so I missed this message on June 2nd. But I’m here now.

    Ah, where is your faith? I’m being challenged in this area right now and I ask myself this every day. I’m trying to hold tight. It’s hard.

    How do you keep the faith when you literally work every day toward your goal and you are not getting the results you desire? Actually, I am getting some results but I need a cash flow. That’s not coming in with the level of work I put out. I know it’s coming but that’s bull when those bills are coming in and you don’t know how they’re going to be covered.

    How do you keep the faith when it feels like God done disappeared?

    It’s hard to keep the faith but the alternatives are not good options. If I give up, nothing will happen. But I cannot afford to give up because I’ve invested too much time, money and energy in my dream and I HAVE to know what’s going to happen.

    So, for as much as I want to give up, I have to have faith in my faith to keep moving forward in faith.


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