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Answering To Your Soul Purpose


Good Monday Morning to all women walking in their authentic truths and to those of you who fear leaving your comfort zone and taking risks on your truth journey to “Becoming.”

I am physically rested, spiritually restored,mind fully rejuvenated and purposefully invested in helping women reawaken to their authentic soul purpose!  Your journey to authenticity is not mine and mine is not yours, but we are linked as human beings united in the woman story of life.

Do you know your soul purpose? Are you willing to do the work to find out what you are called to do?

This journey that calls you to step up and live on purpose is one of free will and remains your decision.

While I was away, I was consumed with understanding and connecting back to my authentic “purpose.” I spent my days praying, meditating, writing and inviting “Purpose” to reveal itself to me through God’s everlasting grace.

When I received an email from a young woman named Mary, thanking me for my inspiring messages and asking for advice on how to proceed in her mission to advocate against obesity, I asked Mary to share her concerns.

Mary knows she’s on a journey of change. She’s aware of her purpose, but, Mary is doubtful and fearful and on the fence about stepping outside of her comfort zone.

With Mary’s permission, I want to share part of our conversation, in hopes that it opens dialogue for women to change the way they think. We all have a mission to achieve great things and to do something no one else can do. When you step into your ‘soul’ purpose, you will experience the beauty of life’s positive abundance on your journey to making a difference.

No matter what you are going through, you can walk through the roadblock of fear each and every time and become happier, healthier and successful on your chosen purpose journey.


Mary- Thanks for being an inspiration to me. I would like to start blogging about encouraging others how to overcome obesity. How do you get a jump-start on blogging?

Me-I encourage you to start sharing your passion & what is now your purpose (one of perhaps many) to help others in the fight against obesity. And you should start by creating a free blog to start sharing with others.

Mary-I sometimes get discouraged because when I talk about the fight for obesity people don’t seem interested. Would you discuss other things? Would you continue to talk about obesity? What do you suggest?

Me-Yes! Continue on in your purpose. But, you should consider starting a blog and build an online following via social media networks. You only have to start sharing your authentic truths and build a community. Why not visit other blogs on obesity to get a feel for how to proceed.

At our last correspondence, Mary had not started a blog. She said fear took over and she was at a loss for words. Mary is at a place in her life that I surpassed years ago. What she needs to understand is that not everyone is going to be open to your passions. Some friends, co-workers, family members and loved ones will even ignore or avoid having the conversation.

Those instances can be frustrating and make you want to give up on talking or sharing your vision with others. I invited Mary to keep in touch, providing a link to my mentoring services in hopes that she claim her passion and purpose.  I will end with words by the wonderfully talented and insightful Cicely Tyson:

“We’re all put on this earth to serve each other.”

The journey to purpose doesn’t stop just because we try to ignore it.

Peace and blessings,


Clara Freeman


2 thoughts on “Answering To Your Soul Purpose”

  1. Thank you, Clara, for directing me to this blog. Just what I need right now–a dose of encouragement. Sometimes the road gets a little narrow as we try to stay focused and dodge fear at the same time. I’ve learned that, sometimes, it’s okay to take baby steps so long as we keep moving forward.


    1. So glad you stopped by, LaTanya. Sometimes we have to get real with ourselves and take a step back, breathe and reconnect to our truths in regards to our fears and also about what we really want to manifest in our lives. And sometimes we get stuck seeking clarity. Feeling ‘stuck’ is a place I’m familiar with, but I’ve never stopped taking baby steps back to my heart’s center where my intent aligns with my soul purpose, working for my better good. Come back later to read about fear from Monday’s guest who literally wrote the book on how he worked through his own fears that plagued him for years.
      GEEZ, didn’t mean to write a book:)



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