Women Motivation

10 Inspirational Moments

th last inspirationGood Monday morning! I hope your days are meaningful and that you aspire to inspire another person. It doesn’t take a lot to inspire me and this morning, I’m inspired by the thought of sharing some of the moments in life that makes me be a better person.

Here are 10 inspirational moments  that lifts me up from feeling stressed, unhappy or anxious. Sometimes we have to take a step back and find that something that makes us smile and not get so mired  in the pain of what the physical world sometimes offer. When we are inspired to do better, we make ourselves feel better.

1.The smiles and laughter of rambunctious and happy children

2. Spiritual teachers whose words resonate deep

3. Reading good books in personal development, fiction, nonfiction and returning to read passages of the Old Testament where “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”

th inspire4. Comfort foods. Enough said as I’m always teased by my children and siblings when they ask what I’m doing and I  tell them, “I’m cooking my comfort foods.”

5. Mother Nature. There’s something ethereal in the stillness that accompanies a visit from mother nature. Raindrops,  strong winds, cool breezes, shimmering beaches, sunshine, flowers, snowstorms, sunsets and sunrises, birds chirping, branches on trees swaying in the gentleness of a summer breeze or the fury of a winter’s storm; it’s all awe-inspiring.

6. Family gatherings, whether we’re bickering, gossiping or debating, nothing can compare to that bond of family, well, almost nothing:)

7. Man of character. Brings the  image of a Stetson man with intellect, who smells good and wears his integrity well. Who can go wrong with that?

8. A Woman empowered is a testament to that sister bond whose purposeful intent comes from a platform based on love and is focused on breaking barriers, lifting voices and shining in a world that was once deemed only for the ” good ole boys” ideal of leadership, ownership and equality that every human being should have access to, regardless of who we are or where we come from.

th kitten

9. Reaping the benefits of my harvest from referrals, lifestyle sustainability and trust in my services

10. My service work


Remember to always “treat yourself special”




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