From the experts, Women Motivation

The Value of “NO”

thvalueGood morning everyone! Sorry I couldn’t greet you all on Monday, but in the midst of doing, I got a visit from Arthur and seemingly, all of his family:) Arthritis sufferers can attest to bones cracking, joints screaming and walking becoming just too painful. And I was obligated to do an interview with actress and producer, Vanessa Bell Calloway.

Due to time differences, Arthur slowing my progress and chores telling me they wasn’t going to take care of themselves, I fell waay behind and couldn’t get to you guys.

I felt bad about that 😦 but then I was reminded when speaking with Vanessa on how she learned the value of saying “no”, which caused an aha moment for myself. Of course, celebrity lifestyles are far different from regular folks. Nevertheless, Clara got to reread the memo. When you’re stretched like a rubber band and have too much on your plate, remember even Jesus rested!

We cannot be the multitasking Superwoman and Superman or The Flash running around like lightning everyday:) So, keep in mind that it’s okay to say “No. ”

Life as you know it, won’t cease to exist and you’ll be better and not bitter come Tuesday morning.  To catch insights about my upcoming interview go here:


As always, “treat yourself special.”




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