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Does God Hear Us?


In adolescence I had questions about life and the world as a whole. I wondered about and questioned a people demographics in terms of fairness and injustice. I also looked to God for answers because I was being raised to talk to god and lay all of my burdens down. I prayed faithfully, on my knees every night and I felt comforted knowing that God heard my prayers.

At twelve years old, I was sitting on a hard wooden bench in a small church in Mississippi. There were about six other children sitting with me. We were excited and nervous because we were about to hear the good lord to speak to us and lead us to salvation.

Baptism in the South begins with a “Revival”, where for five days, parents bring their children to church and have them sequestered away from the congregation to sit on the “Mourners” bench. The preacher and his deacons would commence to pray over you and ask God to save you from sin and lead you to salvation… Once the children heard the word of God, they are led from the mourners bench to another bench and declared “saved” and ready for their baptism on Sunday.


The Friday before Sunday baptism, I was sitting alone on the mourning bench. The preacher and his deacons were exasperated by now, but kept up their prayer vigil. Finally, I got up to join the other children and on Sunday I got baptized.

I knew that I’d listened (literally) for God to speak to me and I didn’t hear him. I also knew that everyone in the church, including the preacher and my mama was happy that I had finally come to Jesus. I, on the other hand, felt like a twelve year old hypocrite because I’d been baptized without hearing God speak to me.
As adults, we know that it is by faith that we come to know and believe on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are spiritual beings living a human existence, who must trust and believe that through the storms of life’s struggle, strife and sorrow, god listens, hears and speak favor over us.
“Does God hear us?”


With age comes a time of reawakening to spirit and purpose. It is a journey that everyone must undertake in order to understand who we are and whose we are. We are never alone. God’s love is everlasting.
Our every waking day is a blessing from God.

When in the midst of your challenges and you can eat food that fills you when you’re hungry and wear clothes to cover your nakedness- God hears.
When you are protected from the elements of Mother Nature with a roof over your head and a warm bed to sleep in; God hears. In your darkest hour, when you can reach back to help someone else in their time of need; God hears.

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Be thankful and grateful for God’s presence in your life as you give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day and every single day of your life.

And always “Treat yourself special.”


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