Happy Monday women of vision and purpose! It’s been a whirlwind week of Thanksgiving dinners, family connections and giving thanks for the service and sowing of seeds from one to the other in humane acts of kindness.
thfam gratitude

This week, my sister took me on a shopping excursion. If you know me from my writings, you’d know that I’m not a mall crawler or care to spend longer than what is deemed necessary in a crowd of animated shoppers. Still, I was deeply touched by my sister’s generosity, which started me thinking about the kindness my entire family has shown me through some thick situational post nursing career days.


I’m blessed to have the support system that makes up my entire family. They are very encouraging and supportive of the work I’m doing with Authentic Woman.Their support oftentimes include words of encouragement, financial contributions to my shrinking bank account, taking me to doctor appointments and picking up my prescriptions from the local Pharmacy.

I decided to write this special post as my way of saying how grateful I am to have the love of my family.

No man/woman or child is an island. We can’t always do it alone. I appreciate the blessings and favor that God has for my life, in order that I might be a blessing in the life of others. I encourage everyone, but most definitely women, to find out who they are and whose they are on the journey to “becoming”. When you know who you are, your light will shine so brightly that even when challenges threaten to lay you down, some kind person will stop to offer you a hand up.


Most importantly,when that kindness comes from family,don’t take their gifts for granted! Acknowledge them with a heart of gratitude. And never give up on your “soul” purpose.

As always “Treat yourself special.”