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Standing Strong In The Midst of “Trash” Talking

“You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”

Happy Monday warrior women! I hope your intent today will border on breaking every chain that attempt to hold you back or cause you to waver in your truths! Last week, I read the comments of Charles Barkley, agreeing with the verdict of the Ferguson case and calling anger rioters “scumbags.”

Mr. Barkley went on to say how he agreed that there were no wrongdoing or racial prodding on the part of the police officer in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

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The one thing I will agree with Mr. Barkley on is that rioting and destroying other people property is wrong. It was misguided “anger” of cause and effect reactions from people who have been treated so unfairly, murdered for being black, judged and criminalized by a selective body of government officials based on a biased and preconceived system of justice. One that history clearly shows is separate from their white counterparts who have committed crimes of a similar nature.

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Kenny Smith, a former Basketball player, friend to Charles Barkley and co-host with Barkley on their “Inside The NBA” show, disagreed with Barkley and posted an open letter to several news outlets. I re-posted one copy of the letter in agreement with Mr. Smith regarding Charles Barkley outrageous Ferguson comments and was promptly labeled a “Communist!”


I will always stand on the side of “right” versus “wrong” and will use my voice for the purpose of bringing awareness and making a difference! When faced with people who “trash” talk other people and spew their inappropriate views onto the viewing public- there’s bound to be a world division. Singularly or collectively, you have a duty to stand against the madness and criminal acts that are committed by one group against another.

The justice system is flawed, as evidenced by the acts of protection from justice due in the murders of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and the list goes on.

When you raise your voice, stand in solidarity and take positive action against what you know is wrong, there will be plenty of garbage thrown your way. Don’t get side tracked by naysayers who spew their trash in your direction. Stand and speak out against what you know in your heart is wrong!

Here’s a link to the Smith & Barkley Fergusion debate.

The police officer that used the outlawed choke hold on Eric Garner continuously when he kept saying "I can't breathe" was not charged in his murder. There's little 'justice' for people of color in the justice system...

Peace and blessings...


4 thoughts on “Standing Strong In The Midst of “Trash” Talking”

  1. I believe there WILL be trials coming in these cases, Clara. (There dang well better be!) This is getting so much attention–there’s a lot of divisiveness among white people right now, and some of us aren’t going to tolerate this kind of BS anymore. I am standing for what I believe and losing favor among family/friends. And it doesn’t bother me one bit.


  2. I agree Mandy. It was a black man who called me a communist 🙂 I am not going to stand for something that is wrong, no matter how controversial or who disagree. This is America and thank God everyone can speak and use their voices for change- I remain prayerful that more people stand for what’s right as opposed for what’s so wrong in our world today!

    It was great to see the diverse crowds coming out in opposition to the ruling in both cases!


  3. Clara, I want to commend you for having the courage to speak out. I shared a video of a 4 year old African American girl who was crying her eyes out because her white peers told her they would not be her friend because they didn’t like black people. Not only do we have to speak out about these types of situations, we can not continue to feed this counterproductive behavior to our children. This only guarantees that this despicable behavior will continue. I salute you!


    1. Ollie, if the diverse surge of protestors marching in the streets of major cities is any indication, I know our voices are going to be heard and justice for all will be conducted on the playing field of fairness. Black mothers shouldn’t have to mourn for their children dying at the hands of those who are supposedly hired to serve and protect. I salute everyone of every race, gender and religious affiliation who up and out from the apathy and step up in service and solidarity to bring about much needed change.


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