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A Spiritual Need For Love & Healing

Happy Holidays! I’m meditating on love and healing. We need more love in our lives. We need to know love for ourselves. We need to heal. We need to live in acceptance and peace. I’m praying for a better me and a better you. God is love and love is the answer.


Love is said to make the world go round and for sure, every single human being on God’s green earth need more love in their lives.

Self-love, Holy love, Friendship love, Parental love, Siblings love, Relationship love, Man love, Woman love; love, love, love is all we need!

It’s time to become ONE love with a people love and respect for each other, in order to fix the world’s wrongs and make it a better place for ourselves and future generations of our children/ It’s time for spiritual love and healing.

Haven’t you grown tired of the selfless acts of disrespect, distrust and the premeditated acts of violence that impacts the lives of our fellow human beings?

This is America, the strongest country in the world and yet, its inhabitants are acting like foolish, sniveling cowards who hide behind their ugly ways just because they can.
So many of us are not living authentic lives of honesty and truth. Let us pray for change in their minds and hearts.There is no hiding place from truth. What transpires in darkness always come to light. When spirit calls for your veil to be lifted, what face will you reveal?


One of hatred and jealousy? One that covets another person’s success or a face that gossip and spread lies or that live a life of limitations because you have no faith? The time has come for you to reveal your true ‘self.’
Pray your life better. Find peace in your heart and know that God loves you enough to give you the power to change. It’s not too late to become that person who is kind, compassionate and forgiving; A person of conscience, character and purpose.

Only you can open the doors to your spiritual and soul purpose by practicing authentic love and fellowship.

May your days be filled with peace and joy, love and light; abundance, purpose and gratitude. And always treat yourself special.

I’m taking a holiday hiatus and will see you all in January:)


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