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A New Year for Happiness…

Happiness is…being in the company of my women visionary friends! The original title of my post changed from My New Years Wish For You” to a simple depiction of a grateful woman of purpose who is happy to be back at Authentic Woman where I get to reconnect with all of you:) and yes, this is a Wednesday post, signalling for me, a new way of doing things in the New Year!


I’m excited to re-join all of you on the cusp of the New Year 2015! I’m grateful for your follow, your trust and your voices. I know for many of you, 2014 was a year filled with purpose, passion and possibility and it also served as a mirror to reflect the unpleasantness of missed opportunities, financial lack, disheartening loss of friends and loved ones and an unwanted realty check on a world’s safety, health care (scare) crisis and civil and social unrest.
Those were the pangs and ills of last year in 2014, which we have to let go of. We were all bruised by horrific occurrences and left feeling fractured and broken from the uncertainties of witnessing life experiences in 2014. In this instance, I offer a healthier alternative for you to combat adversity. Start the process of loving yourself, show compassion to others and rise up from the mires of disillusions and feelings of helplessness, to look ahead to the immeasurable joy that comes when you walk and serve from the spiritual realms of faith, hope, and mercy.

You were given the gift of life for a reason. Examine your truth purpose for being who you are and whose you are and make this new beginning your time to answer your calling. I use my writings, my stories, my spiritual awareness and expertise of living and learning from life experiences to facilitate healing and purpose in others.


My New Year’s wish for all of you amazing woman (men too) is that you let go of the past and rise up to walk in your authentic truths to forge a path of overwhelming spiritual blessings and abundance with confidence and a renewed purpose. Seek to accomplish what appears impossible, make meaningful people connections, change a world with a single positive and witness extraordinary things happen for yourself and for those you serve.

“Treat yourself special in this new year and always!”


6 thoughts on “A New Year for Happiness…”

  1. Happy New Year, Clara. I’ve been telling people that this will be their best year EVER. And I wish the same for you. As for happiness, my year is off to a great start. I have an assignment with cool colleagues; my book, 62 Blog Posts to Overcome Blogger’s Block, will be published by the end of the month; I have a HUGE list of goals that I know will be accomplished this year; and I have friends, family and supporters that will hold me accountable.


  2. I, particularly, like your New Year’s wish for 2015. I wrote it down because it has everything I wishing, hoping and praying for this new year. A brand new year of happiness is what I am wishing for you too!


    1. Happy New Year, Latanya (lynette)! You are like a cool summer’s breath of fresh air in your support of other women endeavors/voices. I am so glad we have become sisters of the soul:) As an intuitive woman, I’d like to say the feelings I get from this new year is one of peace, hope and prosperity for all who seek to make themselves authentically better.


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  3. I thank the Lord for a blank page 2015 for the things we can change. 2014 was very hard. I am sure it was for a reason. I am praying for better. Thank you for your article “New Year, New Beginning “. The pity party is over.


    1. Pearl, it’s such a treat to hear from you! Living life as an adult, instead of a HS student is waay different that what we could ever have imagined, huh?:)
      Praying for a better you/us is a positive step in the right direction. “kEEP-a-Going!”


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