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Go Get Your Blessings and Accomplish Great Things

Happy Monday, women warriors! Last year, a friend and colleague dedicated a record to me in the spirit of encouragement and empowerment in my soul purpose to bring about positive change by empowering the voice in other women. The song is by the popular sister duo Mary Mary, called “Go Get It!”
If you haven’t heard this powerful testament to who you are and whose you are and how special you are, now you can:)

Don’t bring old habits of discord, discontent and self depreciating thoughts into a brand new year for new beginnings. The mistakes and failures of previous years should not be a source of contention going into the New Year. Don’t be too hard on yourself as you will  learn to turn past regrets into positive lessons for change.

It’s okay to approach your challenges from a different direction until you achieve the results you seek. In this new year make it a point to believe and trust in yourself and never give in to doubts, uncertainty or other people opinions for how they think you life should be.You have to know and believe that you are headed in the right direction of accomplishing great things.

God doesn’t want you to think small. You honor him by thinking BIG. He gives you a wide berth to accomplish great things in this one and only life source that you have as a spiritual being, living a human existence.

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Maybe your contributions won’t save the world, but they just might make a positive difference in another person’s life who is in need of inspiring intervention. Authentic women Step up to claim your blessings by stepping out of those doubts and fears that plagued you in 2014. In living life experiences you will face many challenges. You have the power to get to the other side of struggle by any positive means necessary!

This New Year, resolve to do one positive thing each day and celebrate every accomplishment great and small on your truth journey to ‘Becoming.’

Always treat yourself special and go get your blessings!


2 thoughts on “Go Get Your Blessings and Accomplish Great Things”

  1. Hey Clara, I was thinking about you this morning and got the link to this message. I admire your Authentic Woman mission and pray that more women are impacted by your great deeds. I’m also looking forward to our pasta lunch or dinner. It’s gone be good! And I KNOW your 2015 is going to be better than last year.


  2. Hi Marcie! Life is good:) It appears that 2015 will be the YEAR of recognition for Authentic WOMAN! We’ve seen a surge in followers and the site is on several Twitter personal coaches site as someone to watch. I am thrilled and humbled and more grateful than Sunday night’s Golden Globes winners for my blessings-

    I’m a big foodie, so I look forward to getting my grub on with a sista when the weather clears- the Winter is not my friend 🙂

    Continued blessings of success,


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