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15 Awesome Self-Esteem Boosters

thbowlHappy Monday, women of vision! What, your morning not going so great? Feeling like you don’t fit in or have everything you need? That true love passes you by or that you’re just not enough? Hmm, you might  need to get your joy back sista friends. You have to be reminded of who you are and whose you are and you also need to believe those three glorious words, “I am enough!”

Here are 15 of my authentic Monday morning self-esteem boosters to use in your life and help get you back to a place of self love and self appreciation:

1. I’m kind, compassionate, dependable and loyal

2.I live a visionary life of purpose and possibility

3. I am enough and I am somebody!

4. I’m special and created…one of a kind.

5. I love myself from the inside out

6. My friends are authentic and accept me just as I am.

7. I accept my friends for who they are

8. I believe in sowing seeds

9. I’m too blessed to be stressed or intimidated

10. I appreciate every achievement, big or small

11. I don’t sweat the small stuff and find there’s always a solution to the big stuff

12. I am recognized for my service to empower the voice in others

13. I am grateful, humbled and blessed to be appreciated

14. I know I’m not perfect and accept my mistakes as life lessons to make myself better

15. I am loved. I know because God tells me so…


Comedian, author and talk show host, Steve Harvey spearheads a mentoring camp for boys. He tells them something that I’ve taken as an awesome mantra for anyone who wants to power up their self-esteem.

“Think of yourself as the next great something because that’s exactly what you are.”


Always treat yourself special!


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