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Building On Your Relationships

Hi ladies.  I Hope everyone is keeping warm and being cautious on the roads if you have to venture outdoors. I wanted to post about relationships because we all know this is the month of “Amore.” And I have a special announcement at the end of this post:)
We know it doesn’t matter if you’re building a business relationship, love relationship, or if you’re cultivating true friendships, you have to be real about it. Why is it no longer cool to ‘fake it till you make it’? Because intuitive People can smell a “fake” from a mile away and they’re not down with the fake in you anymore. Besides, it’s a new year, a new day and a new season for you to live your authentic truths.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????In love relationships, you have to earn the trust of your potential love interest. You began by putting your best self forward and being real. Don’t embellish and pretend you’re all of that when you’re really not.

In November of 2014, Steve Harvey gathered 100 men and an audience of women on his talk show where they took part in a survey posing relationship questions and answers from both sexes.

Here are questions asked by women:

When a relationship is over, why is it easier for men to move on?

66% of men said it’s not easier, they just make it look that way. Men are raised to be tough and not show their emotions and men do not have venting sessions like women. ( my thought is that men need to know that women are endeared to them when they cry and show emotion)

What drives men to cheat? 70% of men answered “Detachment” and 30% said “Sex”

Why is it that when men are caught in a lie, they never admit it? 38% of men responses were, if they hold their ground, women might believe them. Some of the men said that trust would be a disaster and they wanted to spare women feelings.

thfairytale eThe three most important things men feel they can give to women are: 1. Loyalty 2. Respect and 3. Security… followed by honesty and time.

The three things women wanted from men were: 1. Love 2. Loyalty and 3. Support.

Now, of course, there’s more that women want from the men in their lives and vice versa, but it’s about discernment and the ability of both parties to keep the lines of communication open.

And one more thing both sexes need to practice on the road to a true love/trusting relationship, is to avoid taking your anger to the bedroom. You see, tomorrow is not promised and you never want to live a life of regret.

I hope this relationship post was as fun for you as it was for me:) Please add your insights to the mix and I hope your true love finds you in record time.

Now for the good news! My friend and colleague, Evelyn Cogdell’s and my relationship book, “The Essence of Romance”, is published and available for purchase, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

I have never spent so much time researching material for relevant data, fact checking and expert findings, along with some fun op-eds on maintaining loving couples relationships:) For details on purchase info, shoot me an email.

Go ahead and treat yourself special!


2 thoughts on “Building On Your Relationships”

  1. Clara your post was great as always! It made me think and made me smile. Thanks! I sooooo congratulate you on the release of the new book. I wish you MUCH success and pray God’s open door upon your life!

    As for the post. I promised God I would give him these past three years of my life. I wanted to learn how to love Him more and for Him to reveal His love to me. He has done that. Along the way, I’ve learned more about myself and what unconditional love really looks and feels like. My time of solitude from dating ends in March. I know God has that special person out there for me and believe that Love will light his way!

    Thanks Clara!


  2. Thanks for visiting and sharing, Ollie! Glad you enjoyed the post.You definitely took the right path to a loving relationship- God’s love for you makes you love yourself better and for sure, he guides the handsome (or not) 🙂 everlasting love relationship towards your spiritually affirmed life.

    Thanks so much on the book. I didn’t accept offer on the book as”co-author”, opting for “featuring” instead. Giving props & all of that:)


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