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What Does “Having It All” Mean To You?

Happy Monday, women of valor! There’s been some debate in the past concerning women, asking the age-old question, “Can women have it all?” I never seriously thought about it, one way or another, because I’ve accepted that I’m living the life I’m destined to live and doing what I love to do. If you’re a woman with a career, a mortgage, a husband and children in tow?

Perhaps, you are frazzled and feel like you can’t have it all.

Personally, I think having it all is doing what you love, loving what you do and loving yourself in the process. I wanted to share another take on having it all, from the perspective of Christy Whitman, who asked subscribers to share her video and new book on having it all. Enjoy!

I encourage all of you to share your voice on the topic as it affects you in your personal space. I look forward to reading your thoughts and hearing your voices...

Whether you feel like you can have it all or not, always treat yourself special.


2 thoughts on “What Does “Having It All” Mean To You?”

  1. To me, having it all means having the desires of your heart and appreciating what you have. Sometimes you work toward that desire and sometimes you are divinely placed in situations and it’s up to realize you have everything you NEED and most of what you want, and be content with that.


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