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A Ton of Thanks!

Happy Monday, visionaries! I love what I do. I love helping to empower the voice in other women on their personal path to ‘becoming.’  Apparently, judging from the surge in Authentic Woman followers and such great awesome social media connections, you folks seem to like what I do as well “aww shucks!”:)


For every one of you who make my purpose possible, thank you. It’s because of all of you that I get to speak my truths and aspire to inspire you to do the same. The wonderful poet and author, Dr. Maya Angelou was spot on when she said,”You know better, you do better.”

I know better and strive to take my mission seat amongst those of honor and influence every single day. Joel Osteen said, “‘You think better, you’ll live better.” All I can say is Amen to that:)

So, thanks a ton to all of you for being the authentic women you are…for recognizing the authentic gifts in others…for shining a light on someone else, just because, and for keeping it real as you are blessed to be a blessing to others. I want to give a super special thank you to my wonderful twitter professionals for adding Authentic Woman to their lists as someone to follow.





No more excuses, women and men of valor, speak your life and treat yourself better.


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