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Healing Through Meditating Moments

Happy Monday, women of substance! If you woke up feeling restless, instead of rested and harried, instead of hopeful, then you’re probably stressed.  As a nurse for well over 30 years, let me just say, you’re not the only one and there is something you can do right where you are, in the moment, that can ease your mind, bring a smile to your face and return you back to the healing process of mind, body and soul… It’s called Meditation.

Meditation not only helps relieve your stress and anxiety , it reconnects you to your spirit ‘self’ and your soul purpose for being. I don’t meditate often, but when I do, it’s because I know I need a space for solitude, serenity and surrender. So, go on and get quiet within yourself, for yourself and watch your spirit soar:)

Whatever positive you’ve implemented in your life to get to a place of healing, by all means continue the practice of making yourself better.

Be a Blessing…


4 thoughts on “Healing Through Meditating Moments”

      1. Thanks so much I’m new to the blogging world but blessed to come across blogs like yours! I’ll surely be back for motivating moments


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