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Fear: The Great Saboteur

Happy Monday, warrior women! It’s such a beautiful day. I hope everyone is feeling the bliss:) Today I want to raise a question. With a show of hands, how many of you have allowed fear to block your blessings? My hand is raised and I’m not the only one, thank you very much:)

According to a  recent survey, a whopping 93.7% of us have practiced or are practicing self-sabotage in our lives,due in part, to fear that occurs in more than one area of our lives. Now, doesn’t that statistic blow your mind!?!

thfears storyNow that we have the facts about fear, we have to face the fallacy head on.  It’s not enough to know that we’re not alone. I mean, Oprah even admitted to having fear! Fear is a personal thing that doesn’t discriminate. Once we admit that we have fear, we have to make the decision to overcome it each and every time it rears its imaginary head.

Sometimes we build stuff up in our minds. You know, we tell ourselves the stories that will cripple and prevent us from moving ahead in our lives and even cause us to make a situation more dire than it is. It could be anything from refusing to date that hot fellow whose been asking you out for fear of rejection, to stopping just short of knocking at your employer’s office, to demand that raise you know you deserve ( well, maybe not demand, but, do lean in) because you just know you’re going to get laughed out of the office.

We can overcome fear. I know because I recently faced fear head on (definitely not the first time) and had the best time on a blog-talk radio interview recently, when a colleague and I took to the airwaves to promote our relationship book. The host was personable, professional and real. His pleasant aura immediately put our fears to rest and made the experience enjoyable for all involved.

Attempting something for the first time can give you cause for hitting the rewind button, but, don’t allow yourself to sabotage yourself when your blessings are calling.

overcoming fearFear is such a baseless distraction! I mean, what’s the most that can happen? Either you get the job or you don’t. You either win the race, the guy, the girl, the contest, the competition or you don’t.When something serious affects our lives and we become afraid. We should not allow fear to simmer and distort the outcome. Only God has the answers to those things we cannot change. In such instances, stay strong in your faith, seek the comfort of friends and loved ones and continue to pray.

People have many fears. Life is too short and it’s time we just walked right into the belly of the beast and claim our victory! Are you with me? Good, I knew you would be. I’m going to be taking the remainder of March off and I’m hoping to see all of you commenting on how you overcome your fears, in my absence.

Peace, blessing and remember to always treat yourself special.

thfear not


2 thoughts on “Fear: The Great Saboteur”

  1. Hey Clara, remember our interview on Marcie Writes a few years ago and I told you that I was trying to prepare you for more interviews to come? The stage is yours and it’s your time to shine!


  2. Hi Marcie! Thanks for the invite. It’s always an honor to chat with you. Right now, I’m feeling good now that I’ve conquered the fear of the live interview. It’s just a conversation that I’ve learned to make my own:) At this time, I’m aligning with Evelyn to promote our book collaboration. Would you consider this type conversation for your interview?


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