thcareerHello, women of substance! I hope your Monday was productive in some small way. I went to my dental appointment to get a cleaning and oral cancer exam. Happy to report  all is well:) I had been contemplating on posting the question, “What Do You Want?”for some time, but always thought I’d better not, thinking how that question has been asked often enough. But, I came home from my appointment and checked my emails, only to find this long letter from a woman who assured me she wasn’t a hoax or spammer, as she indicated to me by her attached resume.

It seemed Rena (not her name) had recently been let go of a long time job in accounting  where she was in a management position. Rena said she’d lost her passion for what she’d done  for so many years, but that she always loved helping people with their money, finances and business related problems.

Rena sought me out because she’d read some of my authentic woman story and she, too, had a passion for writing and wanted to give it a try. Rena asked how she should proceed. How many of us can relate? We spend the first half of our lives working in a sustainable job, only to lose it when the company goes bankrupt or make an economic decision to downsize and lay off their employees.

Rena no longer have a passion for the job and is about to embark upon a journey to reawakening to her truths; a journey that requires change and change can be scary. Rena is passionate about wanting to explore her love for writing, but she wants to hear from someone whose been down that path. She wants reassurance from someone (Me) to tell her it’s possible for her to make good on her passion.thlife change

Rena is not just about to change her career, she’s going to begin a path that will lead to a life change. I’m sure she is doing a lot of research on writing related topics. I’m hoping she makes a decision to use her gifts that includes offering services in financial matters to others who lack the skills she has when dealing with money matters.

Women who are about to embark upon a journey of change must ask the hard question, that only she can answer.”What Do You Want?”

“I want to do good in the world and make a sustainable living doing it!” C.F.

“To Thine Own Self Be True.” And always treat yourself special.