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Your Anger Management…

29268308-monochrome-anger-management-public-information-sign-isolated-on-white-backgroundHappy Monday, women of valor! Okay, let’s be frank about our truths:) When I was younger, I was prone to angry outbursts! I would react at any given time when something occurred in my life that made me see ‘red’ or ‘black’, depending upon the level of my anger and I would pounce with verbiage and fist ( in HS my principal gave me the title “Cassius Clay” while he was busily writing out my suspension) and I wouldn’t give it a second thought.

As a twenty something, relegated to the status of the working class, I no longer fought with my fists, but, I still gave a tongue lashing to co-workers, doctors and supervisors if I felt the need to do so. Of course, many times, my anger got me written up or suspended, more times than I care to remember.

When we grow into our truths (with age come wisdom) that comes from living and learning from life experiences, if we are truly compassionate people, have been raised with morals and values and have been taught the value of life, we will choose how we respond to things that cause us to get mad or experience anger issues.

Thank God I began a journey that allowed me to understand the difference between “reacting” and “taking action” for those things that are unsettling and just not fair in the world. At some point, I learned to stand for something and I will never fall for anything! I have learned the power of voice, the reason for taking a stance and how to get my point across and make an impact without feeling the need to lash out or cause physical harm to someone.

thfreeIf you recognize that your anger is irrational and you continue to react to situations instead of acting in a more positive and sound way, then you might need to seek professional help. When I decided to channel my anger in a more positive way by using my voice and professional platform to address the ill wills of the world, I was set free from the debilitating and emotional turmoil that being angry caused.

Don’t allow your anger to get the better of you, or turn you away from being a loving and warm person. Don’t allow anger to cause you to feel “cold” inside. A young mother and music production major told me recently how she felt cold toward society because of her desire to protect her baby girl from the dangers of the world. She is trying hard to get back to a place of being that kind person she’s always been.

Violence in the streets of Baltimore just erupted after six Baltimore policeman only received suspensions in relation to the death of yet another young black man, 25-year-old Freddie Gray! Apparently the young man died from spinal injuries sustained while in police custody. Injustices continue to emerge where it speaks to the eyes of the world, saying, in essence, that Black lives doesn’t matter.

My timely response to the new mother that I want to share with all of you, is that life continues on and we do the best we can with what we have to work with. We cannot save the world, but perhaps by using our voice, we can make a positive difference. One can only hope.

Continue to stand for justice. Free your mind from anger, hate, jealousy, standing in judgement of others and just live the best life you can…and always treat yourself special.




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