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You Can Retrain Your Brain And Change Your Life

thbrainHappy Monday, women warriors! Men are not excluded from this post because what I’m called to share can be beneficial to their emotional, physical and mental well-being as well, and it all begins with how you train your brain.

We all know that the mind is a terrible thing to waste, right? but did you also know that by training your brain to think positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts, you can obtain a clear attitude adjustment and live a more self affirming and fulfilling lifestyle? Well, you can and I’m living proof of that.

In 2012, as some of you may know, I ended my 30 decade (and counting) nursing career. What you might not know is that I had no choice. I went to work every day, feeling overwhelmed and deflated by what I knew to be a lack of people “caring” in Healthcare; knowledge that would cause me to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally.

I’ve always prided myself on being a strength in times of trouble. Now, I was in trouble, but I refused to give up. Call me stoic and old-fashioned, but for me, taking a nurses oath to care for patients with empathy and compassion, kept me anchored in the performance of my duties, which I carried out with respect and dignity throughout my career. My work ethic endeared me to my patients and them to me.

As a perceptive person, with the intuitive gift of knowing, I became bewildered by how some doctors and nursing supervisors viewed their positions, in regards to their patients. For all intent and purposes, the duty of caring for and returning patients to their best maximum health, seemed to take a back seat to chasing patient assets and keeping a sharp eye on the paper trail of supply and demand; while trimming the fat where applicable.

Let’s be clear, Healthcare is a business. At the end of the day, people have to be paid for their services.  Hospitals and healthcare facilities need its revenue to remain viable. That fact aside, I, as the nurse felt that the patient had somehow become the cash cow and healthcare and its employees had taken a nose dive. I’m not diminishing the value of nurses and doctors who are truly caring, compassionate souls, but, for me,  being in the hostile environment I was working in, the feeling that those compassionate people were quickly becoming null and void, rested uncomfortably in my heart.

Needless to say, my departure from nursing wasn’t a pleasant memory. I might have gone on holding a negative distrust against the state of nursing and healthcare in general, had I not taken a look into my soul and re-trained my brain to stay on the positives of life saving skills that doctors and nurses perform on the daily/24/7 in their professions-all over the world.

As with any profession, there’s bound to be those whose objective for being present is based on their own agendas and not those they serve. I was one of those nurses who felt helpless and powerless at how compassion and caring no longer seemed the impetus for operating a great place in Healthcare. The time came where I no longer wanted to be associated with people who seemed oblivious to what really matters in life.

Let me state for the record that what transpired in the medical facilities where I worked, eventually became catalysts of change that caused me to leave the profession. I cannot say all hospital’s doctors, administrators and nursing personnel suck at what they do, or perform their duties in a perfunctory manner. I cannot even fathom that to be true, overall. I can only tell you about my nursing experiences during the last ten years of my life. Those years left me feeling helpless, drained and weeping tears of sorrow, disbelief and disillusionment.The Florence Nightingale nursing persona had truly left my beloved career choice.

thfree mindToday, my life is good. I live a life free from unbridled anger, hurt and disillusion. Because I’ve retrained my brain to stay on the positives that living life experiences brings, my mental and physical health is brighter. You have to believe that good always triumphs over bad.

I share my truths in hopes that you find the strength to let go of bad stuff that can eat at your heart and make you cold. Stay positive and stay prayerful. Make a change if you must, but, know that you can make yourself better by retraining your brain to let the negatives go and usher in positive thoughts of healing…

Always treat yourself special:)


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