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The Authentic Woman-Who Is She?

cutcaster-photo-100374963-Tribal-African-woman-with-headwrapThe authentic woman. Who is she? She’s me. She’s you. She’s every woman who has entered into the realm of reawakening to their greatest truths.

Hello women of substance. I hope your Mother’s Day was spectacular!  You know, I often receive Google searches for this site, asking what it means to be an authentic woman. So on today’s post, I want to shine a truth light in answer to what some of you might be asking yourselves in regards to living a lifestyle of authenticity.

Trying to stay on the path to living a life of positives and authentic truths is not without its challenges, but because you have made the choice to live a centered life of spiritual awareness, purpose and possibility, you will face and defeat your challenges as they occur.

When you are authentic, you’re living your life straight up, without “fake” certificates, where you bend with the winds that have you trying to live up to some other person’s perception of who they feel you should be. When you’re being real with yourself and with others, you show that you are not a perfect being, and you own your stuff!If you don’t agree with something or someone, you will voice your opinion with respect and assertiveness. You are not a liar, backstabber or someone’s shadow. You are your own person and you’re happy being you.

Authentic women try to avoid the ‘clique’ mentality and fare better being true to themselves in a group of pretenders. Authentic women will keep it real with you and keep your confidence in a circle of gossips. When you’re living an authentic lifestyle, you live in awareness where you’re knowing that it’s not all about you,but it is about helping to make life better for someone else. Authentic folks don’t kiss and tell, as in sowing seeds to the less fortunate and then taking out a front page ad in the community newspaper, to boast about the great deed they’ve done.  Trust and believe that when you do good, the good you do will make itself known.

You are an authentic woman who lives a life of integrity and purpose. You’re compassionate and passionate about the rights of every human being, young and old. Black and White. Asian or African. You are a child’s advocate, an elder’s guardian and a woman’s voice of reason. You’re not immune to pain and sorrows of life, but, you’ve learned that it’s never good to settle into a place of misery. You know that bad things happen to good people and you trust and believe through faith, that God got you. You don’t judge others for their religious or spiritual beliefs. You know the value of forgiveness and letting go.

I’m always happiest when I’m helping women use their voice and walk in their “purpose” truths. Many emails have come to me from women on their path to experiencing an authentic change. They have questions and concerns about the choices they make. Questioning the unknown on an inevitable journey to re awakening is a normal reaction to change happening from within.

Believe in yourself and know that your path to ‘becoming’, is the journey that leads to your greatest ‘Self’.






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