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I Got You…

thhonorHappy Memorial Day, women (men) of the world! It’s trying to rain on our celebratory day here in the Midwest, but we ain’t going out like that:) Please have a safe holiday set forth to honor and remember the service and sacrifice of our brave soldiers.

I’m intrigued by the promise behind the latest people phrase, “I got you”, because I think it says a lot about the human spirit and compassionate heart.

When we’re going through something, hearing from another person who tell you, “I hear you and I got your back”, can only serve to make our heavy load lighter. An act of caring can fill someone else with renewed hope and possibility.

It doesn’t matter what your troubles are, it’s important to remember that everyone needs someone when they are feeling down and discouraged. I was en-heartened by a recent tweet from a well-known actor, asking his fans for support in something that he was obviously going through, and who felt the need to reach out for help.The response was tremendous and uplifting!

It doesn’t matter who you are, what race you are, what your pedigree is or how spiritually aware you are; life troubles reach good people too. We all need a friendly shoulder to cry on, seek sound advice from, and regain renewed strength from, in order to keep going.

On this special Memorial Day and everyday, reach out to sow seeds of encouragement and compassion wherever you see need. Being a bridge over troubled waters is a beautiful thing. When we remember that it’s love that makes the world beautiful, we will be more apt to reach out in support and kinship. stock-photo-candid-shot-of-an-asian-mature-woman-hugs-and-consoling-her-crying-old-mother-at-outdoor-natural-149267576

“I Got You!”





Stay Golden…


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