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Be Yourself!

FREEMANC_LZ059-o1GATA7_02Happy Monday, visionaries! So, today, I was in a zone, trying to tune out any and all distractions, while focusing on completing an article for my column in ME! Magazine, when I glimpsed a congratulatory email from LinkedIn. It’s a wonderful note from one of my LinkedIn connections, congratulating our 7 years here at Authentic Woman. Wow, it’s my Anniversary!

The one thing I want women to take away from Authentic Woman is to be yourself. Don’t allow anyone else to tell you how you should handle your dreams. Some folks like to take credit for the work you’ve always known you could do, but don’t let them. If you’re in need of guidance on your journey to greatness, there are qualified folks who can help you.

Make use of all of your gifts and talents, in every genre that you feel you want to explore. You are going to have many passions and one of those most definitely will lead you to your purpose.

I’ve written, published and been paid for penning poems since the 90s. One website, to this day, continues to publish my tired ole poems year round. I’ve had short stories and personal stories published in several books. I’ve co-authored a relationship book. I’ve written for and been paid by celebrity websites. I’ve been a nurse advice columnist, A features writer for a local newspaper and I’ve had my song lyrics win as Selected Artist and as Runner Up in the Songoftheyear songwriting competition.

I’ve interviewed actresses, actors, filmmakers, fashion designers and bestselling authors and served as an American Correspondent for a London news and entertainment website. The accolades are the icing on the cake for these genres that I love to write for and it’s all been a labor of love wrapped in Carmel.

What I’ve been called to do with my purpose work, is Authentic Woman, and I hope to continue inspiring and empowering women voices for many seasons. My prayer is that we reach a bigger platform and that, too, seems imminent. When you do what you love, the love you put out will be returned in positive ways you could only imagine.


After 4 decades of living and learning from life experiences, I feel like a wise old bird:)
My daughter recently confirmed my dedication to be of service to other women when she said “Mom, I’m so proud of you. You just keep going.”

Well, this old bird is about to make plans for some much-needed R&R. I’m connecting with loved ones on our annual family reunion/vacation. See you right back here in 2 weeks.

Stay Golden. And always treat yourself special.



8 thoughts on “Be Yourself!”

  1. Congratulations, Clara on your life-affirming and valuable work. You are truly an inspiration and I am very grateful our paths have crossed. Wishing you many more years of making a positive difference in the world. But first, enjoy your break with your family. 🙂


  2. Thank you so much, Kathy! So glad we became cyber friends. When I think of you I think of healing hands with a compassionate heart. Stay true:)

    P.S. Looking forward to some Southern hospitality!


  3. Congratulations on 7 years of working your purpose, Clara. Keep doing what you do!

    And I agree…do not let people tell you how to handle your dreams. Most people who are blabbing are not working their own dreams. If they were, they wouldn’t have time to focus on yours. Anyhoo, keep working your dreams…I’m looking forward to seeing great things.


  4. Congratulations💞 I am growing and learning while showing the world who I am daily. Your wisdom and insight is priceless and I am excited for more next chapters.


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